DEVONagent grows ups

After seven months of public beta testing we have released DEVONagent 3.0 today. And because it’s the best (re)search assistant we’ve ever made we now call it DEVONagent Pro 🙂 We made it compatible to OS X 10.7 Lion, of course, support 64 bit mode, and have updated or rewritten all plugins. If you’re a JSTOR fan, SEC website user, or lawyer researching on LexisNexis: DEVONagent Pro supports them all now, too.

Important note: DEVONagent Pro 3.0 is a paid upgrade. So if you own a DEVONagent v1 or v2 license purchased before Jan 1, 2009, you’ll need to buy an upgrade to use it. If you’re eligible for a free upgrade you should have received your new license code already. Version 2.3.1 is, of course, still available in our legacy downloads.

One Response to “DEVONagent grows ups”

  1. Thanks, Eric & all for the free DEVONagent Pro upgrade!! Still learning how to use 2.x, but sure all the new stuff will prove helpful.