Tuesday tip: Use reminders

Very often documents are connected to actions, e.g. “contact these guys”, “pay this bill”, or “discuss this with the team”. You can create a 43 folder setup in DEVONthink (see the “Getting Things Done” concept) to remind yourself of them or manually add tasks to your preferred calendar or task manager, e.g. iCal, OmniFocus, or Things.

But why manually? DEVONthink Pro (Office) comes with scripts for iCal and all major task managers that add references to your task list or GTD inbox including reminders. You can find the scripts in Scripts > Reminders.

4 Responses to “Tuesday tip: Use reminders”

  1. Mark says:

    Do you mean 43 folders?

  2. Eric says:

    Oops, of course 🙂 Corrected.

  3. Bernd says:


    Great Concept and I’m Usedom to this already. Undortunately the Script bundles are Not working from the Skripts menu 🙁 – Wehen calling the Skripts directley they do.mAny ideas?

  4. eboehnisch says:

    Please send a short description of what exactly isn’t working to support@devontechnologies.com. You can write in German, too, if you prefer.