Tuesday tip: Use Markdown in DEVONthink

John Gruber’s Markdown is a popular way to write text in a simple text editor and have it formatted nicely. You can do this with HTML, too, but Markdown uses simple formatting marks that also look good when you view it without a Markdown renderer.

If you work with Markdown in DEVONthink Brett Terpstra’s app Marked (available on the Mac App Store) make it even better: It allows to edit Markdown-styled text with a live preview. With Marked installed right-click a Markdown-formatted document and choose Marked from the Open With sub-menu.

5 Responses to “Tuesday tip: Use Markdown in DEVONthink”

  1. Ken Taylor says:

    Wow! This is fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing and showing the easy-way to do it.

  2. mikoi says:

    For a freeware alternative, give a try to Mou and Fountainpen.

  3. Kerry Dawson says:

    Yes, this is good. So DEVONthink can be used as your text editor and then you take your Marked file that is following the text you write and copy it to the clipboard as HTML and finally paste it into your blog and voila a blog post from DEVONthink.

    However, I like my Byword editor for writing in. Its the absolute best and as you compose in Markdown you can preview the formatted text. That preview can also just be copied to the clipboard in HTML and brought into your blog and voila a nicely formatted document. The advantage of Byword is it is designed purely for writing and presents an extremely clean environment for that. You can still use Marked against it but I find that to be a distraction and the whole idea of Byword is to get rid of any distractions and just write – and it works.

  4. James Foster says:

    I can’t get Marked to format the LaTeX math formulae in my documents, which are critical for me. Has anyone gotten this to work??

  5. Aurelien says:

    There is a further improvement: define marked app as the default application for .md and .markdown files.

    Then hitting the spacebar (or clicking the preview icon) previews the document beautifully formatted by marked.