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Tool tip: Structure your thoughts with mind mapping

What method to use for capturing thoughts is a highly subjective subject: some write outlines, some just a simple text, and some prefer mind maps. DEVONthink supports text and very simple outlines (e.g. using rich text lists), but not (yet) mind maps. Some options are: – MyThoughts – MindNode Pro – NovaMind Pro – Mindcad Incubator – Inspiration Some of these apps come either with a Quick Look plugin that allows DEVONthink to preview them when you add them to...

Tuesday tip: Make tables in rich text documents

To add a table to a rich text document place your insertion caret, then choose Format > Table. An empty table is inserted and the standard OS X RTF table panel appears that lets you change e.g. the numbers of rows and columns. Place the caret in any cell to change also the alignment, its border, and its background. Use Tab and Shift-Tab to move from cell to cell. If you have closed the Table panel and want to bring...

Now in Full HD: DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.3

After ironing out the compatibility issues with OS X 10.7 Lion we have now finally added the new window full screen mode, Quick Look support for attachments to rich text documents, and much more. Definitely a recommended update, and it’s free! Click here to read the news.

Tuesday tip: Ticker file template

If you are using Getting Things Done (GTD) you know the concept of a “tickler file”: folders for all twelve months with sub-folders for each day of the month (also known as “43 folders”). You place documents into the sub-folder of the day on which you will need the document. If you want to postpone the task you move the document forward to another day. Use the Andreas Zeitler’s tickler file template to quickly insert a fully equipped ticker file...

And another one: MacLegion 2011 Fall Bundle

Last week I told you about DEVONnote for free in Mac & i magazine but if you are not living in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland you are out of luck. — Do not despair, here’s your next chance: DEVONthink Pro is available as part of the MacLegion 2011 Fall Bundle for US $49.99. The other apps are pretty cool, too.

Get DEVONnote for free (if you’re in Germany, Europe)

If you’re living or traveling in Germany here’s your chance to get DEVONnote for free: The current issue 3 of Mac & i magazine (published by the well-known IT magazine c’t) offers it as a fully copy on its cover DVD (see here). At a kiosk near you.

DEVONagent Pro available on the Mac App Store

Finally, Apple approved DEVONagent Pro 3.0.1 today and released it to the Mac App Store. So if you were waiting for this to happen, today is your day. Click here to get to the DEVONagent Pro page on the Mac App Store.

Tuesday tip: Use the group selector

By default everything you drag onto DEVONthink’s or DEVONnote’s Dock icon or add e.g. through its services is added to the inbox. This is convenient if you don’t want to interrupt your workflow just a file a note, capture some text, or file a document. However, if you exactly know where the data should go this can be an unnecessary step. Change the default destination in the app’s preferences, Import tab, to “Select group”. Now whenever DEVONthink or DEVONnote receive...

First update for DEVONagent Pro 3.0

We have just released a first update for DEVONagent Pro 3.0 that brings support for OS X Lion’s fullscreen mode as well as many other improvements and bug fixes. Update your copy with the built-in update function or download it from our Download page.

DEVONthink and history research

All our software is made for heavy-duty professional use. And so it’s no wonder that its used all over the world by researchers dealing with huge piles of data. One of the is Rachel Leow, blogger and historian. She started to use DEVONthink for her PhD thesis in humanities research and now she gives her blog readers an insight into her database. For four years, over the course of my PhD, I mucked about with it: exploring, optimizing, and adding...