Tuesday tip: Ticker file template

If you are using Getting Things Done (GTD) you know the concept of a “tickler file”: folders for all twelve months with sub-folders for each day of the month (also known as “43 folders”). You place documents into the sub-folder of the day on which you will need the document. If you want to postpone the task you move the document forward to another day. Use the Andreas Zeitler’s tickler file template to quickly insert a fully equipped ticker file group into your database including a script for quickly adding reminders to iCal derived from the group name. Click here to download the template.

Thank you, Andreas, for this cool template!

3 Responses to “Tuesday tip: Ticker file template”

  1. Roger Moore says:

    I believe you were looking for Beta Testers for DevonThink using Dropbox. What would be the requirements? I am using DevonThink with Dropbox on a Macbook Air 11″ and on an 27″ iMac at the house.
    Since I’m already testing the system without being in the beta I figure I need to get on board.

  2. Eric says:

    Thank you. Please contact us by email to get onto the beta team.

  3. Luc Beaulieu says:

    This is a great addition to the template library, Thanks Andreas.