Howard Rheingold on “infotention”

Howard Rheingold recently published  a mini-series of videos about what he calls “infotention”. That’s what he means with it:

Infotention is a word I came up with to describe a mind-machine combination of brain-powered attention skills and computer-powered information filters. The inside and outside of infotention work best together with a third element ‹ sociality.

Howard talks about how he receives information and applies hard-carved filters so that in the end he only has to read and watch the most relevant data.

I already quoted him in my diploma thesis on virtual reality and I also strongly suggest everyone interested in the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media to keep an eye on his publications. Click here to watch his “Mini course on infotention”.

2 Responses to “Howard Rheingold on “infotention””

  1. Eurobubba says:

    Shame it’s videos and not text — apropos “infotention”, I can skim text and only invest time in the more valuable parts. That’s much harder to do with video.

  2. We are working on transcriptions.