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Reading tip: “The Most Human Human”

The Most Human Human

Still nothing to read during the holidays? If you are interested in artificial intelligence, the Turing Test, and chatbots and would like to read something that makes you think have a look at Brian Christian’s “The Most Human Human”. Here’s what Laura Miller says about it: But the advantage of a book like “The Most Human Human” is that even when it’s wrong, it does make you think. Reading it, I constantly found my mind pinging off of whatever Christian was...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

All of us here at DEVONtechnologies wish you and your family a pleasant and peaceful Christmas time. May it be a time of peace and reflection for all of you, wherever in the world you are, whatever religion you believe in, and whatever culture you are part of. Yours Eric Böhnisch-Volkmann & the DEVONtechnologies team PS: Our office will be closed from December 23, 2011, to January 8, 2012. Support will be available by email but we might reply slower...

Language Switcher and DEVONthink

Some people use TJ HD’s excellent Language Switcher to start applications with a localization different than the system’s default language. Unfortunately this only starts the app in the other localization but breaks proper localization support for internal but independent elements such as smart templates or AppleScript scripts. So if you are using Language Switcher and experience that some smart templates or scripts don’t work please use it without Language Switcher.

Tuesday Tip: Create your own HUD

Keyboard Maestro allows you to automate things in almost any Mac app and assign it a shortcut. Even cooler is that when you assign the same shortcut to multiple macros Keyboard Maestro shows a head-up display with a list of all macros with this shortcut for you to choose from. Create e.g. a number of macros that all create a new document in DEVONthink of a certain type. Assign them all Command-N. When you now press Command-N you are presented...

Email from a satisfied customer

From time to time I cannot resist to posting some feedback we receive, especially when it’s from people who usually don’t give any feedback to companies. Like Tony Vanderharst from Melbourne, Australia: […] It is excellent. I never give feedback to anybody unless I am really, really extremely frustrated and dissatisfied with something (by definition a grumpy old git). So this email is a bit of a departure. Well done on developing such a marvellous, easy to use and useful piece of software....

Support TidBITS and save on DEVONthink & Co.

Our friends over at TidBITS, one of the longest-running Internet publications, have set up a new membership program to support their excellent news service. By joining as a member you do not only support the editors but you also get access to some cool benefits like an ad-free view on the website, a full-text RSS feed, early access to new articles, and great discounts on all Take Control ebooks and Mac software like LaunchBar, 1Password, and … DEVONthink, DEVONagent Pro,...

Vote for the best Mac productivity app @ TUAW

The great people at The Unofficial Mac Weblog (TUAW) are asking for your vote for the best Mac productivity app. If you have a few spare seconds please click here and cast in your vote for your favorite.    

Tip: Use encrypted email with your iPhone or iPad

If you are using email encryption on the Mac you are very likely using S/MIME, e.g. with a Verisign certificate. Unfortunately your certificate is not automatically synchronized with your iDevice so that you can read your encrypted messages also on-the-go. But, it’s finally possible with iOS 5. Ars Technica has a good article about how to secure your email communication and make it work also with your iPhone or iPad. Read it here.

Pair Networks building a “green hosting facility”

Since its founding in 2002 DEVONtechnologies is committed to protecting the environment. DEVONtechnologies donates on a regular basis to the World-wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and encourages everyone to switch to renewable energy sources. I personally receive my electricity from a local waterpower station, Christian, our chief engineer, is just building his new house using a heat pump and other state-of-the-art technology. No wonder I am pleased to notice that Pair Networks, the data center that runs e.g. the DEVONtechnologies...

TurboScan scans on iOS and sends to DEVONthink To Go

Cool tip from one of our users: the US $1.99 app TurboScan turns your iPhone into a mobile scanner. Using the “Open in…” mechanism you can even send the created PDFs to DEVONthink To Go.