Pair Networks building a “green hosting facility”

Since its founding in 2002 DEVONtechnologies is committed to protecting the environment. DEVONtechnologies donates on a regular basis to the World-wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and encourages everyone to switch to renewable energy sources. I personally receive my electricity from a local waterpower station, Christian, our chief engineer, is just building his new house using a heat pump and other state-of-the-art technology.

No wonder I am pleased to notice that Pair Networks, the data center that runs e.g. the DEVONtechnologies website, is building a brand new data center with the goal of creating the world’s greenest hosting facility. Thumbs up!

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  1. Chris Beaumont says:

    If you have a year-round stream on your property you can generate your own power. I did that once and it worked quite well. The most practical way to implement this is called a “pelton wheel” and you can sometimes get a substantial amount of power. When I lived off the grid, it was a consistent 100 watts, enough for a top-loading refrigerator, a stereo, and some pre-LED low-wattage electric lighting. .

    (unfortunately, I don’t have a stream or a location that gets a lot of sunshine day round at my current home, or I would definitely do something like that again, just to experiment.)

    Another interesting way to generate electricity that not many people know about is to use a thermoelectric peltier device in reverse – with any source of significant thermal delta (for example, heat like a stove) you can extract high current, low voltage electricity.

    A source of running water also can be used for cooling a data center. Rather than using air conditioning, running water might work well.

    Some fairly modern CPUs use far less power than their predecessors. An AMD Geode CPU at 1 GHz, which is the quite capable CPU used in the HP t5720 thin client, only draws 4-9 watts. The thin clients as originally configured also have as standard, a solid state drive, so no moving parts.

    They make great all-purpose small computers for off the grid living, as they run on 12 volts and are available on ebay for under $100 used.

    Intel Atom-based computers can be used with OS X, some have dual cores, Atoms are 64 bit CPUs, and they also can run on very little power and generate very little heat compared to their predecessors.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Our home runs on water power already, but not from our own wheel in the stream (not permitted) but from a local water power station just 200m away that provides energy to quite a few households in town.

  3. eboehnisch says:

    @Chris: We actually have a stream on our property but we’re not allowed to put in our own turbine. But we get our electricity from a larger, community-operated turbine in that very river just 500m up.

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