Reading tip: SEND

The medium is the message,” Marshall McLuhan wrote in 1964, meaning that the form of the medium is part of every message and influences how the message is perceived. And this is even more true since the invention of the Internet with email, newsgroups, forums, and text chat. Another reading tip for this holiday season: “SEND: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.

GigaOm blogger Nancy Nally about the book:

SENDThe authors of “SEND” aren’t etiquette mavens laying down arbitrary rules. Instead, what they’ve created — after years of heavy professional email usage — is actually a guide to improving the quality of communications via email. … If you live (and work) by your inbox, “SEND” is a must-read for improving the quality of your email communication and avoiding costly missteps.

Click here to visit the book authors’ website.