Make your Mac smarter

The DEVONsphere Express panel After Apple has, completely unexpectedly, released version 1.0 of a brand new app from us last week without any review delays and the update to version 1.1 yesterday we’ve finally officially announced it today. Meet DEVONsphere Express: the whole power of our unique artificial intelligence technology crammed into an easy-to-use app that sits in the menu bar and provides you with related data to whatever you’re working on. It’s like DEVONthink but without the need to keep you data in a database.

Visit the DEVONsphere Express product page and watch the screencast!

13 Responses to “Make your Mac smarter”

  1. David says:

    When will DEVONsphere Express be available (other than the Mac App store, which is verboten for many of us)?


  2. Josh says:

    The first thing I did when I saw the app on the MAS a couple of days ago was head over here to read about the new product and thought it was a bit strange there wasn’t a product announcement anywhere.

    Congrats on the new product and a great intro price can see this complimenting my workflow well.

    (Your blog redirect links on all the blog pages I have visited so far are failing btw)

  3. Hannes says:

    Yes, it´s nice. But… what i really really need is an update for DTPO with a smart syncing feature.

  4. Andy says:

    Completely with Hannes on this. Still no update as to when we’ll see this. When I received the email re. this product I got excited thinking synching had arrived. But alas. no. Waiting, waiting, waiting…

  5. Colleen says:

    I am also anxious for syncing, perhaps via Dropbox, like 1Password does so well.

    I read an article in Tidbits about Devonthink To Go, from 15 months ago, where you intimated that syncing between computers was being worked on. Please do it before I’m tempted to try symbolic links and Dropbox and get myself into trouble…

  6. Chris says:

    No MAS ever for me! I hope this does not mean no DEVONsphere Express. I’m looking forward to be able to buy it from Devon.

  7. garryts says:

    Yes, on the Devon Store please! I don’t want to go near the MAS either.

  8. Ken says:

    “It’s like DEVONthink but without the need to keep you data in a database.”

    Here’s my (dumb) question: does it replace Devonthink Pro? I don’t quite understand why I should go through all the trouble of putting files into my DTPO databases, when Devonsphere can do the same thing….

  9. Eric says:

    There’s a lot more that DEVONthink does, but DEVONsphere Express offers a range of features such as the sophisticated search function and “see also” for other files, too.

  10. Rob Lewis says:

    This is only of interest to me if it indexes Evernote notes.

  11. Rick says:

    DEVONagent Express: does it search and compute on a server, or are the pages downloaded and coalesced on the client?

    What about DEVONagent itself? Server or client?

    I ask because I use 3G only these days and don’t want my bandwidth drained during searches.

  12. Arno Wouters says:

    I am with the other respondents about not buying from the Mac store. I bought DevonThink To Go although I couldn’t try it, because I was so enthusiast about DevonThink (and to a lesser extent DevonAgent) and trusted your company. This expensive app turned out to be useless for my purposes, and I would never have bought it, if I had had the opportunity to try it for an hour or so.

  13. Eric says:

    @ Rick: DEVONagent (!) Express and DEVONagent are both client apps that searche the web and downloads all result pages to analyze them (which could put stress on your 3G connection).