Our first search appliance: DEVONsphere Server

DEVONsphere Server web search interfaceWe have announced also another member of the DEVONsphere product line: DEVONsphere Server. If you’re running your own Intranet, managing the document collection for your company, or publishing a website, this is for you!

DEVONsphere Server indexes your Intranet or any websites and provides your users with a fast and powerful search function that delivers relevant results empowered with unique smart features. You can use to build your own, specialized search engine or to make all the important documents, white papers, and other files in your company searchable with the advanced search technology you already know from DEVONtechnologies.

Click here to visit the product page.

DEVONsphere Server is not yet available for purchasing but if you’re interested in pilot-testing it, get in touch with us.