DEVONthink sync technology public beta 1 on Jun 11

After my update on March 20, here’s another update on our sync plugin. We spent the last few weeks testing and fixing all the found issues. This leaves us for the public beta 1 with only minor issues left: a few memory leaks are annoying but harmless, the Dropbox and WebDAV syncs still spend too much time checking the state of the remote sync store (but work very efficiently otherwise), and a couple of user interface changes we would like to do.

So, what’s the plan then? We will spend the coming days with fixing the memory leaks and working on the other planned improvements. But all this does not affect the actual core functionality of the plugin, so we have scheduled the release of public beta 1 for Monday, June 11, 2012.

And what’s next? After the first public beta we will collect the feedback and begin to fix potentially existing bugs, implement the speed improvements we have in mind, and make the UI prettier. We plan to publish one or multiple public betas and then the final update to DEVONthink that includes sync as built-in feature.

26 Responses to “DEVONthink sync technology public beta 1 on Jun 11”

  1. Manuel says:


    Can I volounteer to be included in this looooong-awaited beta feature?

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  3. Yuhann says:

    Yay! Excellent news.

  4. Thomas Hansen says:

    Will be looking forward to testing the sync plugin!

    I assume that encryption is somehow catered for atleast when using indirect syncing via Dropbox, iCloud

  5. Not in public beta 1 but a later release.

  6. Graham Heyes says:

    I’ve been checking a few times per week waiting for this news.


  7. Martin says:

    So have I… Really, really looking forward to this! Keep up the good work, guys!

  8. Jim says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this functionality for a long time. Keep up the good work, everyone. Your customers appreciate it.

  9. YES!

    I check every few days for this very news, we were offline for a bit attending the iab’s flyin to lobbly for small internet publishing businesses with the US congress, and on returning home this is what I find. Fantastic news. This will be an incredible benefit to our workflow.

    ::snoopy dance::


  10. J says:

    What has the typical time been between beta release and incorporation into a final “bulletproof” formal update? I’m curious for a truly broad guesstimate here re how much longer it might be for the reliability-certified version. : )Trying to rein in my own excitement about this functionality

  11. We have no plans to delay a public release but we will not call it “final” before we and our customers think it is ready. In general we do not even release public betas that will likely damage data.

  12. Louis St-Amour says:

    Hmm. Hope you’re not expecting blog coverage — everyone’s eyes will be glued to the Apple announcement on Monday. 😉

  13. Dr. Bull says:

    Hi , I would like to obtain a copy of DEVONthink sync technology public beta 1. I cannot find a link. I am running DEVONthink Pro Office. What do I need to do?

  14. eboehnisch says:

    @Louis: No, this is a first beta for our blog readers. We will have a larger public beta 2 with newsletter and hopefully media coverage later when we have ironed out the issues that come up with this first “out in the wild” test.

  15. eboehnisch says:

    @Dr. Bull: Just stay tuned 🙂

  16. Dr. Bull says:

    Hi, I will keep my eyes peeled (ouch!).

  17. Yuhann Liu says:

    Same here 🙂

  18. Alan S says:

    Long time user of Devonthink Pro and wondering about syncing on iMac and laptop. And now I see you have a syncing solution in beta. Looking forward to testing this. 🙂

  19. Soon? says:

    Its still the 11th and no sync software to download?

  20. eboehnisch says:

    @John: It’s*already* the 11th in the US 🙂

  21. So, as a “blog reader” who’s been chewing my nails to the quick waiting for this very announcement, what do I need to do to get started testing this?


  22. Whimsicalboy says:

    Same here. I’ve been lurking the blog for months to get my hands on the Beta sync feature.

  23. michael says:

    so where is the public beta? Is it by invitation only – or is it really a public beta?

    (I’ve been biting my nails waiting for this – I have had to stop using Devonthink because of the lack of sync options, so I’m really really hoping that the new sync is going to be the answer for me)

  24. Eric Diamond says:

    I too am waiting for the beta. I was hoping to switch over today. Are we still on track for a release today? Some information would be helpful.

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