Tuesday Tip: Use smart groups for reading RSS news

If you’re using DEVONthink Pro (Office) for reading your RSS feeds you need to select each feed that contains unread news to read the articles. To read all unread news in one place create a smart group that searches for items of kind “HTML Page” with the “Unread” flag switched on. It shows a blue “unread” blob as its icon indicating that it’s a smart group looking for unread items.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use smart groups for reading RSS news”

  1. berndm says:

    This is nice, thank you. I love the Tuesday Tips.

    For users who want to list also new tweets in the same group, they will find, that currently it is not possible to list two different ‘kinds’ (html page’ for feeds and ‘bookmark’ for tweets) in one smart group and would therefore create a 2nd smart group.

    My solution to this: All my different groups for unread news from feeds and tweets are collected in one main group called “feeds + tweets” anyway and the only kind of documents in there are ‘html page’ and ‘bookmark’.
    So to list these in one smart group according to the Tuesday Tip my criteria for the smart-group are:
    – search in: “feeds + tweets”
    – unread is: on,
    – Kind is NOT: ‘property list’ (… as plist-files are not in that folder. One could also choose PDF or image or audio etc instead.)

  2. Michael Christensen says:

    One simple question: Why can’t this sort of list not be synced to the Devonthink Go for iPhone and iPad. This seems to me a huge problem. The feed reading possibilities in Devonthink Go are generally less that satisfying. Are there any plans to improve on this?

  3. eboehnisch says:

    Smart groups are hard to sync as this would require DEVONthink To Go support all search operations that the Mac version supports — on a totally different technology basis. But we are already working on version 2 and we plan to add proper RSS support (I am using DEVONthink for reading my feeds, too, so it’s also a good part self-interest, too :-))