How to use DEVONthink Pro (Office) in a team

Out of the box DEVONthink is a workplace solution for one person. You install it on your Mac and use it. There are, however, possibilities to use it in a team.

  1. Use a mountable file server (AFP), WebDAV drive, or Dropbox account and our new sync plugin to keep multiple copies of the database(s) in sync. Every team member uses DEVONthink Pro (Office) locally with full performance and access to all its advanced features. The sync plugin draws changes from and pushes them to the sync store on the server from where all other participants get them, too. The sync plugin is currently a public beta.
  2. Install DEVONthink Pro Office on a shared Mac and switch on its built-in web server. This enables other users to access the database using a standard web browser (including from Windows and Linux). With the current version its only possible to browse the databases, view and download files, and upload new documents. Version 2.5 comes with a rewritten web interface that allows also renaming, moving, and deleting files as well as creating new documents and groups. Databases can be password-protected.

The new sync feature will be part of DEVONthink 2.5, due this summer, and so will be the new web interface.

6 Responses to “How to use DEVONthink Pro (Office) in a team”

  1. Guy Ferier says:

    I want to know where to find explanations in French uttiliser properly Devonthing Office Pro!?
    Can you tell me if there is a French blog and where)?

  2. eboehnisch says:

    Unfortunately we are not aware of specific blogs dealing with DEVONthink in French. We have a French user forum board, though.

  3. Hi, I’m wondering, can the above two functionalities be combined? i.e. for our Mac users, we’d give them full access via synchronization, and for PC users give them web access?

    Also, on our main web server, we have several websites along with a wiki server. Is this web service compatible with both (i.e. running simultaneously?)


  4. eboehnisch says:

    @ Morgan Giddings: Sure, they are not exclusive.

  5. Claas P. Nähle says:


    what would like to do is store the database on my NAS (which is accessible from outside my LAN using a DynDSN service), and access the database not only using the desktop SW, but also a smartphone/tablet SW.
    Is there already a possibility of doing so, maybe with the ToGo SW? Or, if not, are the plans to implement this functionality?



  6. jneumann says:

    Storing the database on an NAS is possible (though not ideal), but no you cannot it on a mobile device (except via a Remote Desktop style access).