Steven Berlin Johnson talk about his writing process…

… with Neal Thompson and mentions also DEVONthink. Neil about the interview:

Steven Johnson (author of “The Ghost Map”) visited a Seattle Barnes & Noble to discuss his latest book, “Where Good Ideas Come From.” I spoke with him afterwards about the rituals and routines of his daily writing life.The key? A big cup of coffee and 500 words a day. Seattle, October 2010

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3 Responses to “Steven Berlin Johnson talk about his writing process…”

  1. Robert Blade says:

    Excellent interview. But question: Johnson pronounces DevonThink as DEE-von think. I always thought it was DEV-on.
    Which is preferred?

  2. eboehnisch says:

    “Devon” is an abbreviation from “Devonian Period”. We pronounce it Dev-on just like Devon Country in the UK, Europe. But we’re Germans. We’re not fully qualified to make suggestions here 🙂

  3. Martin BB says:

    DEE-von is another one of those weird American pronunciations like Aye-rack (Iraq), Eh-dolf (Adolf) and so forth. I’ve no idea why they do it, but it is a characteristic of American pronunciation. At school I was taught that each vowel has a name and a sound. The names are pronounced Eh, Eee, Aye, Oh, and You. I won’t bother to try and put in the sounds, because I would need phonetic symbols. It is noticeable that when a vowel is at the beginning of a word, Americans typically say its name, while the British say its sound. So Americans say REE-search and DEE-fence, while the British say research and defence (actually often with the indeterminate vowel sound for the first syllable). An English person wouldn’t dream of saying DEE-von, and would think you were a loony if you did.