Chrome extension updated

In the recent releases of Chrome Google has tightened the security for installed extensions. We have just updated our Chrome extension to work with the latest version of Chrome. Visit the Chrome Web Store to install the Clip to DEVONthink extension or use the Chrome extension preferences page to update your existing copy.

4 Responses to “Chrome extension updated”

  1. Dellu says:

    Clipping from Chrome has been broken.
    I have tried them all, none of the tools are able to clip from Chrome right now.

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @ Dellu: Have you tried with our updated Chrome extension? And in how far does it not work? Please contact our support staff.

  3. Daniel says:

    Will this also support Opera at some point which is now also based on Chrome?

  4. eboehnisch says:

    At the moment we do not have plans to write an Opera extension as we’re concentrating on our current projects. We might have one later, though.