DEVONthink and DEVONnote updated for Mountain Lion

The mountain lion is roaring and we all have heard its call. The update to version 2.4 tames the cat for all editions of DEVONthink and DEVONnote and feeds it with support for Notification Center and the new sharing services. Share documents with one click via iMessage, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, or Airdrop or add them to Safari’s Reading List. The update also brings a completely rewritten scan feature that’s available for DEVONthink Personal and Pro, too. And, of course, we have improved many other details and fixed bugs.

Use the built-in update function to get the new release or visit our Download page to download the new versions manually.

24 Responses to “DEVONthink and DEVONnote updated for Mountain Lion”

  1. Marc says:

    After installing the new version via autoupdate, the Devon-Sync-Plugin don’t work anymore: when I push the Sync-Button in the preference of DevonThink Pro Office, nothing happens.

    Do I have to reinstall the sync-plugin?

    Best regards – Marc

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @Marc: Select DEVONthink in the Finder, open the Info panel, and activate 32 bit mode. The next beta of the sync plugin will be 64 bit compatible, too.

  3. Gene says:

    I am waiting for the synch to Dropbox feature. Once you have that working and released you product will be ideal for what I need. I am waiting……..

  4. A. Wolff says:

    After installing everything works well but: where can i share something? The one-click must be well hidden or am i to blind to see?
    Oh, and thanks for integrating “digital images” instead of the previous Interface!


    A. Wolff

  5. Justin Withers says:

    just tried the new scanning and importing functionality. Worked very seamlessly with my wireless Epson scanner and VERY quickly

    Good update, thanks!

  6. BillW says:

    Sync is a bit flaky since updating. I have set DT to 32 bit mode & the sync button has reappeared. When using Dropbox for sync however, it keeps asking for permission to use Dropbox (only needed once previously) and has failed to sync on one occasion on each of my Macs.

  7. eboehnisch says:

    @BillW: This is a known issue and a “security feature” of Mountain Lion. Beta 2 will fix this.

  8. Amdres says:

    I also don’t see the new “sharing” features anywhere. Also, you state it supports Mount Lions new notifications. However, Devonthink does not appear in the Notification Center ???

  9. eboehnisch says:

    DEVONthink appears in Notification Center as soon as it has posted its first notification. Notifications are generated by Services, PDF Services, Clip to DEVONthink, bookmarklets, etc. Everything that adds content to DEVONthink from the outside.

    The Share button appears in the navigation bar above the view/edit pane of a document, next to its URL.

  10. Der Finger says:

    Hey there. After upgrading to 2.4 I can´t find the import option via exactscan. So where is the OCR?

    I tried to install it again “zusätzliche Module installieren” but there Devonthink told me that the Abby is allready installed.

    So where is the OCR function I need it

  11. eboehnisch says:

    ExactScan Capture is gone but now there’s the new Image-Capture-based scan feature (File > Import > From Scanner or Camera). Manually imported PDF can be converted to searchable PDF using OCR with Data > Convert > To searchable PDF.

  12. Der Finger says:

    No way. Are you serious? One of the main features and it´s gone? Can I go back to 2.3.5?

  13. BillW says:

    Okay, thanks (didn’t happen before the upgrade to 2.4 though)

  14. Der Finger says:

    So. Back to 2.3.4. I found it in Time Machine

    @eboehnisch: Can I get the 2.3.5 please. Did´t find it

  15. eboehnisch says:

    @Der Finder: We just ExactScan Capture with our own scan plugin. Scanning is still a main feature of the Pro Office edition, actually now even of all editions. For the 2.3.5 link please send an email to support(at) The link is, due to the licensing, only available on request.

  16. André says:

    DTPO 2.4 crashes when trying archiving or importing Apple Mail postboxes.

  17. eboehnisch says:

    Could you please send us the crash reports to bugs(at)

  18. Christopher Harwood says:

    Slightly Off Topic: At first I read the update notice saying that DEVONthink Pro Office was going to require OS X 10.8 and nearly had a heart attack! (DT is great software, but not cheap and I upgraded from Pro to Pro Office only recently.)

    I missed a number there. 10.6.8. Whew.

  19. Der Finger says:

    @eboehnisch: So I will give the new version a try and check the new scan features. If it is not my “scanning way” you get an email with the request for 2.3.5


  20. sjk says:

    Re: requirements

    Documentation for DtPO 2.4 says:

    > Of course, DEVONthink Pro Office runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel processor based Macs.

    > Every Apple Mac computer with at least 512 MB of RAM, Mac OS X 10.5 or later..

    Oops! 🙂


  21. Der Finger says:

    @eboehnisch: So I give the new scan features a try. Result is that I truly think this is a step backwards. If I want to scan more than one document and rename the first one in “unbenannte Dokumente” and than go back to the scan button the scanner makes the “warmup” scan again and again and again. That is so horrible to use. Second problem: one document with two papers I scan them and then there is just one scan in the “scan folder”. I tried and tried with so many changes. It didn´t work. ExactScan Bonus were the profiles so I can set one scanprofile and if I scan a new document I choose this profile all settings done automatically and go for it. And the “convert to searchable” button ist horror I don´t want klick that button all the time.

    So my email for 2.3.5. is on the way

  22. Francis de BEAUMONT says:

    The 2.4.1 is NOT working/starting with the 10.5.8 Leopard osx platform.
    The 2.3.5 works perfectly. Back to it.
    Sorry for your documentation which explicitly said that the 2.4 version requires 10.5 and above.


  23. Where in the documentation does it still state 10.5 and later?

  24. Max says:

    Switched DEVONthink Pro Office to 32 bit mode. Works well now.