Special offer: ExactScan for 50% off

The recent update to DEVONthink Pro Office replaced the embedded ExactScan Capture scan application with our new scan function based on Image Capture. If you need ExactScan, e.g. because your scanner does not support Apple’s Image Capture architecture, or you reply on it’s advanced feature set, I am happy to tell you that ExactCode offers the full version of ExactScan for 50 percent off until August 24, 2012, in the App Store, especially for us. Click here to visit ExactScan’s App Store page.

17 Responses to “Special offer: ExactScan for 50% off”

  1. jasonq says:

    This sounds a little bit like you’re removing functionality and selling it back to us.

  2. Tom says:

    If I install ExactScan from the AppStore will it be integrated to DTPro as it was before (via Menu/Shortcut)?

    If Yes, will it coexist with the new ImageCapture import in the menu, or will it replace the ImageCapture import?

    Thank you

  3. eboehnisch says:

    Actually we asked ExactCode if they’d be willing to do this. We don’t earn anything in this. We just tried to unify the user experience.

  4. eboehnisch says:

    No, it will be an extra application but you can set it up so that it sends completed scans to DEVONthink Pro Office which recognizes the source and runs OCR on the files.

  5. Mark Barton says:

    Sorry – very very very unhappy. ExactScan was pretty clunky, but at least it had the features I needed and it mostly worked. I revisited the inbuilt support to see whether I could live without ExactScan and I find it’s still not remotely ready for prime time with my CanoScan LiDE 700F. It doesn’t have a profile manager, it doesn’t have a reverse-every-second-page-by-180° option, and it seems to have a bug where it won’t do anything but scan two pages at a time, ignoring the Size setting for the second page and going to full platen. And you seem to think I should be happy paying _only_ $50 to replace functionality you removed.

  6. Peter Mangiafico says:

    I have been a DevonThink Pro Office customer for several years now and the new version represents a significant loss of functionality for which a $50 purchase is now required. The new scanning window is buggy and a big step backwards (not that ExactScan was bug free either, but at least it was feature rich). This is a pretty shitty to do business.

  7. ExactCODE says:

    We at ExactCODE were surprised as well about the discontinuation in of our ExactScan Capture in future DEVON releases. To ease migration for all of you who rely on ExactScan we discounted our regular ExactScan version as much as we reasonably can keeping in mind continuous development as well customer support costs. The regular version of ExactScan will bring you also many more features compared the to the previously bundled Capture version and can be used without DTPO as well (not to mention the now nearly 400 built-in drivers for various professional document scanners).

    We are committed to continue to develop and improve ExactScan, not only with more and more image processing options, but also built-in drivers as well as TWAIN and soon ImageCapture compatibility.

    With kind regards,
    Your ExactCODE team.

  8. eboehnisch says:

    If you have followed the development of our applications in the recent years you know that we improve our offerings all the time. So we will, of course, improve our own scan feature in the next releases and fix all outstanding bugs (that have not been reported by the various beta testers in the recent months). Please send improvement suggestions and feature requests to bugs(at)devontechnologies.com.

  9. Mark Barton says:

    Dear ExactCODE guys: I’m not mad at you, it’s just that extraordinary generosity on your part doesn’t make me less mad at DEVONtechnologies.

    Dear DEVONtechnologies guys: DEVONthink Pro Office is a fine product in most respects, notably excluding the built-in scan support, and I’m perfectly prepared to believe that one day not so far from now the built-in scan support will be as good as the rest. But as of this weekend, when I have a stack of stuff that I was hoping to scan, it’s feature poor and buggy to the point of unusability, and you’re “happy” not “sorry”.

  10. Juergen Kessler says:

    Dear DevonTechnologies,
    I’m also very disappointed about discontinuing Exactscan.
    This was a pretty cool Tool.
    However, the new Scanning Tool lacks a lot of comfort,
    It scans only in the global folder and I have to meve them manually in the desired Databse, with Exactscan the scans were right in the selected Database Folder, that’s crappy.
    How can I put “Import from Scanner” in my Iconbar?
    It’s really uncomfortable and annoying to select always File -> Import -> From Scanner or Camera.
    And the 50% off period is unfortunately over.
    And so my question also:
    Why this big step backward?

  11. eboehnisch says:

    You can put an “Image Capture” icon into your toolbar by customizing your toolbar. It’s in the bottom row of available icons. We will also improve the scan feature with the next releases to more closely match the functionality asked for by our users.

  12. Matthew Clark says:

    I’m thoroughly frustrated and angry about what you’ve done to me, and I take it personally. You have completely disrupted my workflow. I have been using your software happily to maintain a paperless filing system that worked smoothly and flawlessly. Now your software is worthless to me. Your claim that “ou know that we improve our offerings all the time” is absolute bullshit — if you intended to remove ExactScan functionality, you should have waited until your own scanning solution was comparable. Looks like, instead of scanning bills today, I will be searching for another vendor’s software. What a horrible move on your part and a stab in the eyes of your loyal customers.

  13. Scott Aitken says:

    Well I spent the past few hours looking for a replacement for ExactScan as the integrated scanning software is woefully inadequate. (no profiles, rotate every second page, etc.). Now I’m looking for a replacement to DevonThink itself.
    Is there anyway to re-integrate a previous version’s ES into DT 2.4?

  14. eboehnisch says:

    Unfortunately no. You can use the commercial version of ExactScan, though. Or tell us what you’d like to see in the integrated scan function. We’ll try to make it as powerful as necessary to accommodate the majority of our users.

  15. Justin says:

    Greetings all:

    For those who missed out on the sale, I saw MacUpdate has ExactScan 2 Pro (which adds OCR I believe) for $50 right now (valid for about another 24 hours).

    I’m thinking about buying it, but would like some advice/opinions. The back story is I’m new to DevonThink. I had bought Pro Office a while back, along with a Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 to finally digitize all of my personal documents (and pretty excited about it too actually). I am just about to set it up; never got around to it yet.

    And so I just happened to come across this post. Since I never had a chance to use DevonThink yet, I’m not aware of what extra features ExactScan provided. (Reading some comments above and online, things like profiles, blank page removal maybe?)

    Since it’s now been a few months after this release, has the native scanning functionality improved? Or is it really worthwhile to bite the bullet and purchase ExactScan? I do also want to keep a nice streamlined workflow, so I am not sure if the standalone ExactScan would complicate things. Otherwise, should I look into any other alternatives?

  16. Lucas says:

    Is there a guide to explain how to integrate Exactscan and Devonthink?

    I have a licence for each software and am now looking at a way of “integrating” the 2 softwares:
    1. A button in Devonthink toolbar that opens the Exactscan interface
    2. scan with Exactscan
    3. automatic import into my preferred destination (as set in Devonthink preferences)

    basically like it worked in the past, when Exactscan was still part of devonthink.

    Is that possible?

  17. @Lucas: There’s no button for it in DEVONthink’s toolbar but you can configure ExactScan so that it sends completed scans to DEVONthink Pro Office. Our application will know that the file is coming from a scan application and run OCR on it. If you’d like to have a button to launch ExactScan out of DEVONthink then you might want to write a little script and place it into the toolbar.