We humans and our Earth

As you know we at DEVONtechnologies care about our environment (see also my posting about our web service provider building a “green” facility). Just recently Sarah Wenger of www.onlinemastersdegree.com, who has produced quite a few info graphics on the net, has sent us a nice info graphic about humankind in general and our impact on Earth that I thought would be worth sharing in this spirit. Click on the image to the right to see the full picture.

4 Responses to “We humans and our Earth”

  1. Mark Meisner says:

    Thanks Eric. It’s a nice example of visual environmental communication. This is a convergence for me today as I have been working away in DevonThink Pro Office and you posted something that’s related to my work with the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA). Do you have a link for Sarah Wenger’s other work? Thanks for great software and the tip. – Mark

  2. eboehnisch says:

    You can find other info graphics from Sarah here.

  3. Ray says:

    A very interesting (AKA scary) and well done info graphic!

  4. Bill DeVille says:

    Yes, we should worry about some of the trends depicted.

    But the news isn’t all bad. The rate of population growth has slowed, and food production has increased faster than population growth, so that mass starvation (frequent throughout recorded history) is almost nonexistent. Indeed, in many areas populations will shrink, which brings in a different set of social and economic problems.

    I was born in 1931 and have benefited from the increases in life expectancy and quality of life since then. The oldest part of my log cabin was built in 1900. Life was very hard, and short, for the people who lived here then.

    My current auto, a Chevrolet Volt, demonstrates how technology could reverse the projected consumption of petroleum. I bought it last April. I’ve driven it 2,938 miles, with a lifetime mileage of 233 miles per gallon. It’s an amazing car.