New web interface for DEVONthink — public beta 2

Two weeks ago we published the first public beta of our brand new web interface for DEVONthink Pro Office. As promised here’s the second public beta with many bug fixes and interface polish. Please see the first announcement to learn what is new compared to the current, old web interface.

How can I get it? First make sure your system meets the requirements. You’ll need an Intel-based Mac with OS X 10.6.8 or later and DEVONthink Pro Office 2.4.2 (click here to download the latest version).

Then click Web Sharing Public Beta 2 or right-click the link to the left and choose Download Linked File. The public beta comes as a Zip archive. If necessary double-click the downloaded file to expand it. The archive comes with a Read Me file containing the installation and usage instructions as well as a list of known issues and instructions on how to report issues and file feature requests. Please thoroughly read the Read Me file and look left and right before crossing the street.

What should I do? Please test all functions of this public beta from as many browsers and operating systems as you can. Write down any difficulties you encounter as well as anything you think should be changed or added. Tell us your experiences. The Read Me file tells you how to do that and what is most helpful for us to know.

What’s next? The final release as part of a an update to DEVONthink Pro Office.

7 Responses to “New web interface for DEVONthink — public beta 2”

  1. Rob says:

    Will this rewrite include support for secure web transactions (https)? Pretty please? Have been waiting for about a year to buy your product just as soon as that feature is added.

  2. eboehnisch says:

    No, https: will not be included in the first release. Sorry.

  3. Peter Scott says:

    Please excuse the stupid question. This looks like it is getting close to my personal ideal but I’m not sure. I have DTPO on my desktop running all day, synced to my ipad regularly. My ideal would be to be able to run the database via a cloud service like dropbox and access it from other desktops or my laptop. Dropbox would be the best since I every time I open my laptop it syncs to it and even if I’m away from wifi etc whatever I do gets uploaded later. DTPO with this functionality would be a dream – open at either office or mobile with the laptop.
    The question is ‘How close is this?”

  4. The web interface requires that you leave your computer running and connected to the Internet. Our new sync technology does more what you want: sync your data with e.g. Dropbox and enable you to keep multiple locations in sync. See the public beta here im my blog.

  5. Ralf says:

    I really like the sync functionality and I’m looking forward to the next public beta of DevonThink-Sync-PlugIn. Do you already know when it will be available?

  6. Kevin Harker says:

    I’ve placed the bundle in the correct location, however, the log is showing that the plug-in is “skipped” when I start the web server. Any thoughts?

  7. Alan Edwards says:

    Kevin, the log file will show that a version of the plug-in has been skipped, as there will be two versions of the plug-in on your system. There is one embedded in the DEVONthink app, the other the beta version. The beta version will be loaded first and the older version skipped. Hope this explains the log entry.

    If you have any other issues, please contact us via the support system.