Get DEVONnote for just US $12.49 this weekend

While we’re offering DEVONagent Express and DEVONsphere Express in our online shop as an exclusive bundle for US $4.95 (instead of $14.90) this weekend, our friends at give you also the opportunity to jump onto the DEVONnote/DEVONthink bandwagon. Jump over to them and get DEVONnote for only US $12.49! And of course it’s fully upgradable to DEVONthink for just the difference between the official store prices.

6 Responses to “Get DEVONnote for just US $12.49 this weekend”

  1. Tried purchasing DEVONnote from Unable to access their website now for hours.


  2. I just opened it fine from my iPhone. Temporary hiccup? Please try clearing your web browser cache or try from a different machine (connection).

  3. Ara says:

    Thanks for the info.
    A quick question, Let’s say that i buy Devonnote from MU and I want to upgrade it to Devonthink pro with educational discount, since I am a student. Is it possible to do so?
    I am asking this because on the upgrade page it is mention that “not including XXXX”
    I appreciate your quick response because The deadline of the offer is fast approaching.

  4. Yes, this is, of course, possible. The -XXXX refer to incomplete/obscured license codes copied from the screen.

  5. Jason says:


    I purchased devonnote from mupromo and I want to upgrade it to deventhink personal 3. Can you please roughly tell me when will it be released?


  6. eboehnisch says:

    Definitely not within the next six months.