New web interface for DEVONthink — public beta 3

Our brand new web interface for DEVONthink Pro Office quickly approaches production status. Here’s a third public beta with more bug fixes and interface polish. Please see the first announcement to learn what is new compared to the current, old web interface.

How can I get it? First make sure your system meets the requirements. You’ll need an Intel-based Mac with OS X 10.6.8 or later and DEVONthink Pro Office 2.4.3 (click here to download the latest version).

Then click Web Sharing Public Beta 3 or right-click the link to the left and choose Download Linked File. The public beta comes as a Zip archive. If necessary double-click the downloaded file to expand it. The archive comes with a Read Me file containing the installation and usage instructions as well as a list of known issues and instructions on how to report issues and file feature requests. Please thoroughly read the Read Me file and look left and right before crossing the street.

What should I do? Please test all functions of this public beta from as many browsers and operating systems as you can. Write down any difficulties you encounter as well as anything you think should be changed or added. Tell us your experiences. The Read Me file tells you how to do that and what is most helpful for us to know.

What’s next? The final release as part of a an update to DEVONthink Pro Office.

4 Responses to “New web interface for DEVONthink — public beta 3”

  1. effbee says:

    Great work! Now it is possible to run a central server installation and access it from other devices without syncing…

    One question: in the official release, will it be possible to perform operations on the document entries? It would be especially great if the “convert to searchable PDF” could be done in the web interface as well.

    Or maybe you have a different solution for me:
    I scan via ScanSnap directly to DT and the idea is to do this on the scanner only, without interaction on the server (no monitor), avoiding the ScanSnap-Manager requesters for naming the file.
    Once in DT, the files should be OCRed – best would be to do this automatically (is there a way?) but another way to do this would be manual OCR before sorting them in the web client.

    I try to Scan > OCR > Sort without the need for interaction on the application itself, just using the webclient …

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  3. Harold says:

    Despite of the public beta 3, DT OfficePro webserver didn’t publish my database. Without the beta is was publishing.

    At first I see the new webinterface with the nwe features. After clicking on the database , aa spinning wheel appear infront of ‘Shared Database’. Evenwhile waiting a long long time, nothing special happens.

    Despite of not viewing content of the database, in Safari uploading a new document is possible and appaers normally on the other machine in the ‘root’.

    I use OSX 10.8.2 on both machines with Safari. Other browsers same problem. Cleared caches and started DT OfficePro again. Database properties: database is shared and rebuilt.

  4. Harold says:

    Oops. Made a mistake by using Beta 1 instead of Beta 3. Webinterface is working fine!

    On this Mac there is no Office for Mac 2011. So all *.docs are presenting neutral. Imported e-mail is not presenting at all.