Beware of “DEVONthink” by J. Russell & R. Cohn

Amazon lists a book named “DEVONthink” by some Jesse Russell and Ronald Cohn. Don’t buy it! The book consists only of a collection of mostly unrelated Wikipedia articles and has absolutely nothing to do with our software. We have notified Amazon and the book-on-demand publisher about this issue and asked for the book to be withdrawn.

BTW: When you look at the list of publications by the two “gentlemen” one can suspect that all other books are similarly unrelated to what it says on their cover.

6 Responses to “Beware of “DEVONthink” by J. Russell & R. Cohn”

  1. Jaap van Ees says:

    I hope you mean “Don’t buY it”. Else I am losing my grasp at the English language 😉

  2. @Jaap: Of course: don’t buy … 🙂

  3. PAt Holloway says:

    Regarding the book on demand- I had the exact same thing happen to me about 6 months ago. I was searching for all things peony, and a book, Paeonia lactiflora, showed up. Intrigued, I bought it only to find it was a mishmash of articles, again put together at ramdon from Wikipedia. It took the one page article about Paeonia, then searched key words from that first article and stitched them together. I got generic entries on perennials, genetics, what is a root? I don’t know if this is an Amazon thing or someone wanting to make a quick buck off of instant publishing, but buyer beware. Even more insulting, is you don’t find out what it actually is until you buy it. There is no indication on the ad that it is Wikipedia content.

  4. JRPars says:

    Thanks for this. I went to Amazon; over a 100 pages of “books” by these two scammers. So used TextExpander and posted over 100 reviews telling potential buyers that the “book” they were considering was a quick publishing scam. As of today, either the scammers or Amazon has pulled most of the books. Just 4 pages of “currently unavailable” was still up, so I posted a few more reviews. Nothing says Russell and Cohn won’t be back under another guise, but for now people won’t get ripped off.

  5. @JRPars: Thank you. I had also notified Amazon as well as the publisher. I didn’t receive a reply from either of them but it seems our concerted action had at least some effect…

  6. I have been caught out too, having bought Walter Tapper by Jesse Russell & Ronald Cohn. The book is a farce. Just one third of one page relates to Tapper and is copied from Wikipedia (some of which I wrote anyway). It then has another 60 or so pages relating to Malvern and the UK. I intend to complain both to them and to Abebooks.