Last betas before Christmas

Christmas is near but we have worked up to the last minute to provide you with the latest builds before we switch off our Macs and spend some relaxing days with our families. Public beta 3 of our sync technology fixes a few minor but annoying bugs and public beta 4 of the web sharing plugin improves the whole user experience.

How to get them? First check the system requirements. Sync need DEVONthink Pro or Pro Office 2.4.3 or higher, web sharing Pro Office 2.4.3. You can get the latest versions on our Download page.

Web Sharing public beta 4




Then click the icons to the right to download the archives.

Important: Unzip the archives, thoroughly read the accompanying Read Me file, and follow the installation instructions laid out there. The Read Me also explains how to report found bugs.

Thank you for your great support!

10 Responses to “Last betas before Christmas”

  1. Harold says:

    Hi there, a Happy New Year.

    Installed DTOP with Sync beta 3 in combination with WebDAV server on OSX Server. All Mac on OSX 10.8.2 with latest versions of DT software. Sync from DTOP to WebDAV server works fine. DTOP to Dropbox as well.

    Database is stored on the server and updates with every sync.

    Installed DTP on other Mac with Sync beta 3 in combination with same WebDAV server. Tried to import the synced database from WebDAV server of the other machine but this doesn’t work. Can’t import from WebDAV but importing from DropBox works fine and the latter syncs as well.

    Alls OSX versions are the same: 10.8.2
    All scripts intalled
    Terminal command executed on both machines
    Versions of DEVONthink are differtent: DTOffice versus DTPro
    Conclusion: no import possible from WebDAV. Import from DropBox works fine.

  2. Can anyone tell me if the sync technology will work with’s new sync technology, or just dropbox?

  3. Sync currently has some difficulties with’s implementation of WebDAV. It should be working for PB4, though.

  4. Nathan, that’s awesome news – cause has a good sync-type feature like dropbox does now, and space is cheaper ! So this makes me happy!

  5. S Ray Constantine says:

    Well, while I was able to set up syncing on the computer that has the original database to Dropbox, I can’t seem to import the database onto another machine. Both are running the latest DTPO with the latest sync bundle. The activity produces 2 errors: “The operation was cancelled,” and “(“error”. File not found”). The process of importing the database seems to start okay but then quits. I am running 10.8.2 on each machine. I can’t try again immediately, either. I must quit DTPO and restart it before I can go through the whole process all over again.

  6. Juan Posada says:


    Is there a limit to the database size that can be synced with Dropbox?

    I organize my databases by year, and I have no problems syncing my inbox and my new 2013 database, however I have not been able to get the 2012 to work.

    Or can you give me some troubleshooting pointers?



  7. I have installed the latest sync beta and set up a sync between the Devonthink Inbox and Dropbox. Everything appears to function correctly but I am unable to see any of the changes in Dropbox. I am probably doing something incorrectly but I cannot see what it might be. If someone can give me some help I would appreciate it.
    Martin Fuggle

  8. Please write to our support as stated in the Read Me.

  9. Apologies – it’s my first day as a Devonthink user even though I had a look at the trial so I am not fully aware of the way things are managed. Obviously I should have read the last page of the Sync Readme!

    Martin Fuggle

  10. […] bereits seit einigen Monaten die Beta-Tests des neuen Synchronisationsmoduls am Laufen; aktuell ist Beta3. Mit diesem neuen Modul können Datenbanken zwischen mehreren Computern synchronisiert […]