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DEVONthink 2.5 is here with syncing and web sharing

Sync icon

Using multiple computers, working from different places, sharing data with coworkers: In today’s highly connected world it’s essential to always have access to the latest data. And because we know that, of course, we worked hard on creating the most versatile yet robust synchronization technology and rewriting the build-in web server of DEVONthink Pro Office. All editions of DEVONthink 2.5 synchronize databases between multiple computers and locations either directly or via Dropbox, WebDAV, file servers, or just any mountable disk....

Bug fix update for DEVONthink To Go 1.x

While we are fully engaged in re-writing DEVONthink To Go from scratch and incorporate our new sync technology we have today submitted a bug fix release version 1 to Apple. The update adds support for the iPhone 5 screen size and fixes a few crashes and sync problems. It will become available via the App Store’s update facility as soon as it has passed Apple’s review.

Screencast tip: DEVONthink for Tech Information Management

Already two years online but definitely worth watching: Power user Matthew McCullough shares how he uses DEVONthink Pro Office for easily capturing information from the web for offline use and research. Matthew about his screencast: If you are an IT worker and having a hard time keeping up with the stream of knowledge, give DevonThink a try. I use it to capture a permanent archive of all my RSS feeds, which are typically generated via “favorites” and “stars” from Google...

Der Schlupfkrabbler ist wieder in seiner Höhle

Die Drei Fragezeichen

Dank tatkräftiger Mithilfe von Ihnen, unseren deutschsprachigen Anwendern, haben wir den vor zwei Wochen auf unserer Webseite versteckten Hinweis auf Die Drei Fragezeichen gefunden: Auf der Seite zu DEVONsphere Server machte der Schurke aus unserem „Crawler“ sehr bildhaft übersetzt einen „Schlupfkrabbler“. Dieser ist jedoch eindeutig keine Software. Eher Hardware: Es handelt sich um einen der Mobimechs aus Folge 119, „Der geheime Schlüssel“. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die zahlreichen Hinweise, die hierzu in den vergangenen Tagen bei Inspektor Cotta in Rocky...

Tuesday Tip: Add bookmarks via the Services menu

Did you know that you can select clickable web addresses in e.g. and choose “DEVONnote/DEVONthink: Take Rich Note” in the Services menu to create a bookmark in your database? Unfortunately this does not work for links in Safari. To add a bookmark for them instead of creating a rich text document drag them to DEVONnote’s or DEVONthink’s dock icon.

DEVONthink for historians

Historian and power user Rachel Leow has recently published a thorough review of DEVONthink Pro Office in Perspectives on History. She explains how she uses our software for her research and where the obstacles are when trying to reach the Holy Grail, the paperless office. Rachel introduces us into this conundrum: With the increasing ubiquity of digital archives has come the expectation that we must use them; with rapid advances in search technology has come the requirement that our research...

Create notes in DEVONthink with Alfred

If you are a user of the popular productivity application Alfred you might like this workflow created by our forum user danielsh. You can navigate your databases or create new notes with just a few keystrokes.  Here’s what the author says about it: With Alfred’s new feedback system for workflows, you can navigate through your databases and find the group you’re looking for, then enter a space and start typing your note. If it’s much in demand, I’ll add things like...

Wir wurden gehackt!

Die Drei Fragezeichen

Das musste ja passieren: Wir übersetzen mühselig unsere Webseite ins Deutsche und kaum sind wir fertig, bekommen wir in unserer Zentrale einen anonymen Anruf, der uns verkündet, dass man uns einen Streich gespielt habe. Irgendwo auf unseren neuen deutschsprachigen Seiten versteckt sich jetzt anscheinend ein Hinweis auf einen bekannten Fall der drei nicht ganz unbekannten, ewig jugendlichen Detektive aus Rocky Beach, Kalifornien, der drei Fragezeichen! Aber wo? Deshalb bitten wir Sie um Ihre Mithilfe: Finden Sie den Hinweis, man uns in unsere Seiten hineingehackt hat und...

Now Goethe could visit our website, too

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our applications have always come with a user interface localized to German, our user forum has a German language board, and our sales support is happy to reply pre-sales questions in German, too. Starting today also our website is available fully localized. So if you are from Germany, Austria or Switzerland or speak German of other reasons feel free to click the new little German flag at the bottom of our website to read our solution descriptions, product pages, etc....

Tuesday tip: Web sharing in a popup window

DEVONthink Pro Office‘s web sharing gives you sort of a simplified version of DEVONthink in a web browser. But how cool would it be if you could open a window to a DEVONthink Pro Office server like a regular app? You can — with Automator. Andy Ihnatko explains how this works on his blog.