Bug fix update for DEVONthink To Go 1.x

While we are fully engaged in re-writing DEVONthink To Go from scratch and incorporate our new sync technology we have today submitted a bug fix release version 1 to Apple. The update adds support for the iPhone 5 screen size and fixes a few crashes and sync problems. It will become available via the App Store’s update facility as soon as it has passed Apple’s review.

10 Responses to “Bug fix update for DEVONthink To Go 1.x”

  1. Brian says:

    Good too hear that DEVONthink To Go is getting some much needed attention 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Looking forward to the 2.0 version incorporating sync. I’d really like to be able to use DTTG in my mobile workflow.

  3. Randy Kahle says:

    If we purchase the 1.x version now will we get a free upgrade to the next version or should we just wait?

  4. @Randy: The update to version 2.0 will be a free update.

  5. Martin says:

    Can you give us an idea of the release roadmap?

  6. eboehnisch says:

    @ Martin: No, sorry. I do not want to miss a deadline should any problems cross my path. We will announce it as soon as we approach a publishable state.

  7. Martin Burkhardt says:

    New verstion crashes, if I want to take a photo or to go to the image library

  8. eboehnisch says:

    This was a result from using the latest iOS SDK. Fixed in 1.3.0 which is basically on its way to Apple. Sorry for the hassles here!

  9. ageminmo says:

    Please fix the search system. Everytime I am searching for at least two noncontiguous terms, nothing shows up.

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