Create notes in DEVONthink with Alfred

Alfred app iconIf you are a user of the popular productivity application Alfred you might like this workflow created by our forum user danielsh. You can navigate your databases or create new notes with just a few keystrokes.  Here’s what the author says about it:

With Alfred’s new feedback system for workflows, you can navigate through your databases and find the group you’re looking for, then enter a space and start typing your note. If it’s much in demand, I’ll add things like favorite groups. But it’s hot off the hard drive and ready for testing in its current form now if you’ve got a copy of Alfred 2.

Download it here or through AlfPT (the Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository). The workflow requires Alfred v2 or later.

Addendum: Unfortunately the Alfred workflow and the Unofficial Alfred Workflow Repository have joined the eternal hunting grounds. Sorry.

14 Responses to “Create notes in DEVONthink with Alfred”

  1. DQ2010 says:

    This looks great! Are there any instructions anywhere? The AlfPT link didn’t work.

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @DQ2010: Maybe on the author’s homepage? The AlfPT link worked a week ago and so did the download link.

  3. Rick says:

    Apparently you have to be a “mega supporter” of Alfred to be able to get the v2 beta which allows for workflows?

  4. eboehnisch says:

    @Rick: Not us, but apparently our user danielsh.

  5. J. Gary Ellison says:

    I think a little more explanation would help. A lot is being taken for granted here. I just started using Alfred this week, so I hardly know whether to open the download with Alfred or DevonThink, but neither seem to do anything, so I don’t know if it is working, or if I have to have the Alfred Powerpack, or if I simply don’t know what to type in Alfred. And I’m not sure what “v2” refers to since the “About” tab says, “Alfred 1.3.2 is currently the newest version available.” What is “Alfred 2”?

  6. twicks says:

    @DQ2010 and J. Gary:

    Apparently there are a few caveats to this offer:

    1. Per the description in Eric’s post, V2 of Alfred is required for unspecified reasons. V2, as Rick observes, is available only as a beta to users who buy the “mega supporter” which runs another GBP20.

    2. Double-clicking the extension or dragging/dropping the file onto the Extensions panel of Alfred’s preferences is useless; these operations don’t do anything if you have the non-beta 1.3.2 version

    3. Unable to find anything about user “danielsh” so can’t find that person’s homepage.

    3. According to Alfred’s PowerPack page, one of the features of the PP is the ability to install and use Extensions.

    So: in order to use this extension we’ll have to wait until the V2 is publicly available as an upgrade. We’ll also need the PowerPack. The public beta was release 12 January. No word on when the Alfred team expects to release V2.

  7. Tim says:

    Alfred v2 is finally available and I was really glad when I found the DevonThink workflow.
    But somehow when I try to enter a note via the workflow it doesn’t show up in DevonThink.
    Is anybody else seen this problem?

  8. Charles says:


    Yes, same problem here. Note never gets created. Using latest version of Alfred v2.

  9. Kerry Dawson says:

    Oh heavens to Betsy. And I just thought I was getting DEVONthink into a powerhouse workflow mode and along comes Alfred! I wonder if Alfred has met Betsy.

    This is too much. All I did was do a Google search for DEVONthink and a MarkDown Plugin and I end up with Alfred! I thought Betsy might as well join the party.

    Oh, by the way, now that Alfred has joined the party does this mean that my DEVONthink powerhouse workflow needs a rethink LOL!

  10. eboehnisch says:

    Which links don’t work, Sophie?

  11. eboehnisch says:

    @ DRB: Yes, both seem to have vanished. I could’d find the Alfred workflow anywhere on Daniel’s website. Sorry.

  12. DRB says:

    Thanks. At least I know I wasn’t hallucinating…