CareTaker for Facebook is here!

CareTaker for Facebook iconSome people say that our apps are not “social” enough now with Facebook and Twitter being still the main trends in the industry. We listened and proudly present a brand new freeware app: CareTaker for Facebook. Never get your friends kicked out of your news feed again. Don’t get calls from annoyed friends telling you that you don’t like their posts. And all this without wasting even more time on Facebook.

Once signed in to your Facebook account CareTaker takes care of your friends and fully automatically likes their posts or comments that match the rules you set up. Create rules based on your DEVONthink databases (likes all posts that fit your interests according to your document collection) or use RegEx for even more control. Our unique Artificial Intelligence technology not only does the matching but also creates meaningful, human-looking replies for you. Finally the Toady Mode likes every of your boss’ posts and comments on them with an AI-crafted variant of “That’s great!”.

CareTaker for Facebook will be available starting today for free for Mac, iPhone, and iPad in the App Store. And make sure to like it (and us) on Facebook!

8 Responses to “CareTaker for Facebook is here!”

  1. JustDaveyB says:

    Very interesting but an April 1st joke I persume… 🙂

  2. Mike says:

    Great idea! Sounds like an April fools joke But if you COULD build an app like that I’d buy it!

  3. Ross says:

    Thanks for developing a great app! I really like the companion module, UnderTaker, that continues to post to Facebook long after we’re dead and gone. 😉

  4. Steve says:

    Why be social when your robot can take care of it for you? Great job guys – I’m a happy customer of Devontech CareTaker.

  5. Kerry Dawson says:

    LOL! I just woke up and was reading this and thought free to do what. I related to don’t waste more time on Facebook but I don’t go there anyway but I thought a friend of mine could use it. DUH! Time for another coffee. I particularly liked the comment “I really like the companion module, UnderTaker“. I better get that before I pop off so I can keep bugging my friends.

  6. Mirko says:

    Damn… tried downloading the app -.- Got me!