Jim Neumann talks about DEVONthink on 70Decibels

Gabe and Erik of the 70Decibels Generational podcast interviewed our support hero Jim Neumann:

70Decibels LogoThis week Gabe and Erik wrap up their series on data management with Jim Neumann of DEVONtechnologies. They discuss tag vs. hierarchy filing methods, the DEVONthink AI, sync, security, capture and scripting. Then they venture off topic to explore mobile battery life and try to figure out when we have “enough”.

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4 Responses to “Jim Neumann talks about DEVONthink on 70Decibels”

  1. eiff says:

    Jim was very well spoken and did a great job!

    Loved the episode. I was super excited when I saw devonthink in the description of ‘Generational’, a podcast I listen to weekly.

  2. Andrew says:

    I agree, this was a great episode. I trialled Devonthink a long time ago, and that podcast has me reconsidering it again.

  3. track says:

    If as Jim points out DEVONthink shines when using to manage text, why is it that there is no support for the epub file format? Yes I can add epubs, but I can’t search or work with those files. So is the above statement really true?

    epubs have been around for years and are the main ebook file format. This kind of strange it’s not supported in a software claiming to shine when working with text files.

  4. eboehnisch says:

    @ track: epub is a complicated package format consisting of several index files and HTML. Editing is properly is better left to fully dedicated epub editors like Calibre.