When Chrome doesn’t like Clip to DEVONthink

Even though Google Chrome probably shares more information with its maker than you like, it also does a lot to protect you from the (other) bad guys — and sometimes also the good ones. If our Clip to DEVONthink browser extension doesn’t seem to work in your copy of Chrome and just reloads the browser contents when you click its icon in the toolbar, here’s a possible cure:

You need to edit the file ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Local State. First close Google Chrome (important!). Then open the Local State file and search for “excluded_schemes” in the “protocol_handler” section. Add the line “x-devonthink : false” or, if a line like “x-devonthink : true” already exists, edit it from “true” to “false”. Finally, restart Google Chrome.

This tells Chrome that it should try to handle the x-devonthink: URL handler that Clip to DEVONthink needs and not send it to Google’s search engine for interpretation.

4 Responses to “When Chrome doesn’t like Clip to DEVONthink”

  1. Arthur Milholland says:

    Where can I find the Clip to Devonthink addition to Chrome? Does it capture formatted pages, as Devonthink does from Safari?

  2. eboehnisch says:

    Arthur, you can download the Clip to DEVONthink extension from our Download page. Like it’s Safari counterpart it transfers the link of the page-to-capture to DEVONthink which does the capturing.

  3. Tom Loredo says:

    I just began having this problem (clicking the clip extension just reloads the page). In fact, it happened in a browser session after successfully using the extension twice (clipping Wikipedia pages as PDFs). I tried editing Local State, but x-devonthink is already set to false there. Restarting both Chrome and DTP didn’t help. Removing and re-installing the extension (from the Chrome Web Store) didn’t help, either. Are there any other things to try?

  4. Jim Neumann says:

    We’ll look at this in your Support Ticket. Thanks!