DEVONthink launching at login, iOS sync broken on OS X 10.6/7

The recent update of DEVONthink to version 2.7 unfortunately brought not only many improvements but also two cumbersome bugs: When the Sorter starts after logging in, e.g. after a system restart, DEVONthink itself opens instead of the Sorter. And if your Mac runs OS X 10.6.x or 10.7.x, DEVONthink is no longer visible to DEVONthink To Go on your Wi-Fi network. Sorry for these inconveniences. Expect a bugfix release shortly.

9 Responses to “DEVONthink launching at login, iOS sync broken on OS X 10.6/7”

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  2. Ahmyo says:

    “Reveal command added to contextual and action menu of main windows showing results of global smart groups.” — a feature I requested not so long ago. Nice work.

    DTP 2.7 seems flawless so far on my OS 10.8.5 system. My OS 10.6.8 machine however, refuses to update automatically from DTP 2.6 — a few versions old. Have tried checking updates from prefs as well – no go. Still stuck on old version. Anyone else experiencing this?

  3. eboehnisch says:

    @ Amyho: Have you tried to update manually?

  4. After upgrade to 2.7 I noticed that Devonthink pro was starting on reboot and I was going crazy checking every possible place on what was starting the application. And not finding anything. So it is just another bug to fix…soon I hope thanks for the announcement.

  5. Ahmyo says:

    I tried to update by selecting both Check for Updates in the Application menu and Update in prefs. It pauses as if it’s checking but there is no acknowledgement or confirmation as usual. Just dead in the water so to speak.

    Maybe I should try downloading 2.7 separately and reinstalling from scratch?

  6. Ahmyo says:

    Solved. No problems after reinstalling manually from scratch. Update checking works fine in DTP 2.7 on 10.6.8. Must have been some dust in my carburetor. This Devon Engine is really humming now.

  7. Robert says:

    DT to go – Desktop 10.7 not visible.
    How long before this is fixed? Is it possible to downgrade desktop DT to prior 2.7? This bug kinda ruins the point of having DT to go… Normally very happy with DT but not just at the moment.


  8. Art says:

    Ahmo, can you tell us the steps to reinstall DTP manually? Xnks!

  9. eboehnisch says:

    Just download the archive of the edition of your choice from our Download page. Open the disk image and drag the app to your Applications folder. After you opened it for the first time it will ask you to reinstall some add-ons (if not, choose DEVONthink > Install Add-Ons). Finally, if needed, enter your license code (DEVONthink > Enter License).