Tuesday Tip: Labels with keyboard shortcuts

This Tuesday Tip comes from a question on our Facebook page: “Hi Guys, is it possible to assign an keyboard shortcut to a label? For example: If I press ⌘1 the first label is assigned to the current list entry?” (Thanks, Christoph Jeschke!). Yes it is! Here’s the step-by-step…

  1. Open System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts and select Application Shortcuts in the lefthand sidebar.
  2. Press the + (Plus) button and choose DEVONthink.
  3. Enter the exact menu name of the label, e.g., To Do. Remember to use label names that won’t conflict with other menu items.
  4. Choose a Keyboard Shortcut. Try ⌘⇧F1 (F2, etc.) as these shouldn’t conflict with other shortcuts in DEVONthink.
  5. Back in DEVONthink, select a file, press your shortcut, and the file should have the approriate label applied.

2 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Labels with keyboard shortcuts”

  1. Brilliant, thanks so much for this little trick, makes the day that little bit easier!

  2. […] To make it easier for myself to use the ARI in any context, I have wrapped it into an OS X service: Calculate Readability. Once installed you just select the text in question and call the service, either via the Services or the contextual menu. I have assigned it a convenient keyboard shortcut (^⌥⌘R), similar to this tip. […]