How a lecturer at university uses our apps

A few months ago I got into contact with Dr. Frank Thissen, lecturer at the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien, HdM) in Germany. Frank is a DEVONthink power user and we exchanged a lot of ideas on how our apps fit into the university ecosystem. This May I also had the opportunity to give a presentation at the HdM. In a more formal interview Frank tells us more about how he uses our apps for his research and for preparing his lectures:

Prof. Dr. Frank ThissenIn the past I had to tediously search my filing cabinet for papers, sift through my email, and search the whole hard disk for files. Today finding everything I need is just a matter of seconds. DEVONthink is extremely powerful although you have to exercise to make full use of it. In the beginning I have simply filed my PDFs and Word documents into DEVONthink. Today I put all kind of data, e.g. papers, notes, even photos into my databases. I tag them and add flags and labels to the most important of them. Finally I replicate them into the bet fitting groups.

Read the full user portrait here.

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