DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.7.3 are here

Yojimbo ImportToday we’ve released a maintenance update for all editions of DEVONthink and DEVONnote. The new versions bring, depending on their edition, importing items from BareBones Yojimbo, faster and more reliable email archiving, performance enhancements, and bug fixes.

We recommend these free updates for DEVONthink and DEVONnote to all users. Get the new versions directly by using the apps’ update function or visit our Download page.

14 Responses to “DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.7.3 are here”

  1. Jim Mitchell says:

    Waiting for better synching with iOS devices. I own every piece of software you sell and cannot get better functionality than I can from Evernote due to that one thing. Love the software, but I need the interoperability.

  2. Rene says:

    Hi Jim, I am sorry to hear that you, like me, wasted all that money on DT products. I don’t think DT will ever have a working syncing solution – they just messed it up to many times. It does not even work between Macs and has never worked will between iOS and Macs since the iOS version came out first. It is really a bummer since DT is a good program otherwise. I switched to Evernote and EagleFiler and am relatively happy with it. I made it work without DT now for about 2 years and at this point I am not sure if I ever switch back even if DT ever would sync simply because I find it maddening that the developer behind DT let one hang for years without addressing any of the plentiful problems their software has. To plentiful for me to ever have the time to troubleshoot even with their support – and believe me I have have plenty of time and willingness to make a software work.

  3. Wyvn says:

    @Rene – DEVONthink To Go 2 is coming soon. It’s still (presumably) in development.

  4. Jim & René,

    I’d suggest to be a little more specific and less placative when commenting. I’m not associated with DT in any way (except that I’ve licensed their software), but there’s a few things I can say for sure:

    1. I’ve never had any issue with synching to either IPhone or IPad. Yes, I’d like to have some specific functionality (like, maintaining Skim annotations and being able to annotate on the IPad), but that’s details. For me, it works bravely, and obviously, your mileage does vary.

    2. Developer responsiveness: I sometimes feel I really do abuse the support mailbox with all the questions and suggestions I’m making. What I can say is that I did, always, get a qualified response, in very short time. I even discovered a quite substantial bug that made me apparently lose data randomly, DT saw it differently, yet was ready to analyze the behavior together with me. It turned out as me abusing a feature of the operating system, and the co-operation went as far as them giving me a bit of their code, and me coming up with a suggestion for a fix, which they then immediately (like within an hour) implemented and let me have a new version.

    For a non-open source vendor, I feel, you cannot have it any better. Yes they’ve massive amounts of stuff to work on, but when you take the time and make real good suggestions – and are not afraid of actually providing solutions, you’re likely to get a swift response. At least, that’s my mileage.

    In other words, I’ve never ever seen a software vendor being so helpful as they are. There’s a German saying: the way you shout into the forest, it shouts back at you.

    I’m not, as I said, associated with them. And I don’t like a bunch of architectural ideas in there which I’ve had to adapt myself with more than I wanted (and some of that was actually not a bad idea). But give them good and very precise things (down to code level if that’s your can of beer), and you’ll be taken very serious.

    I don’t want to finger point here, but I think it makes sense to say a good word or two as well, when that’s appropriate.

    I’m btw. not a user of Evernote, and have never been, but I’ve an very good colleague who’s a total fan of that. I have my own data buckets and my own cloud, so I don’t need stuff anywhere else.



  5. Jim Mitchell says:


    I was extremely specific. I need to be able to sync across all devices. Sorry, but having to put the files I want to sync into a special folder is unacceptable. What happens if I forget to put a file in that directory and I need it away from my computer?

    I LOVE DEVONthink, or else I wouldn’t have bought all of it. However, that one piece of functionality is a deal breaker. You may not understand that, but those are my requirements.

  6. So I may well have misunderstood your requirement, which appears to be clearer now to me. You don’t want to have everything you want to sync in a special sync folder. And I concur: That would be breaking whatever structure you may have come up with.

    So here’s what I do: I leave my folders where ever I have them. Those that I want to sync, I Cmd+Option+Drag into the Sync folder, i.e. I create a Replicant over there.

    That way I for one have an easy and nondesctructive way of deciding what to sync – a simple mouse operation – and in addition that does not affect at all my existing hierarchies.

  7. Jim Mitchell says:

    I don’t find that an acceptable solution as I have limited space on mobile devices. Synching my entire database to my mobile device “just in case” is extremely inefficient.

  8. OK, so I also don’t do that. As an example, I’m working on a number of projects as part of what I do this year. So my Structure may be

    > Customers > A > 2013, > Customers > A > 2014, > Customers > B > 2014

    That gives me a view of all the customers, so I’ve one big List of all customers. With Replicants, I then also set up a second hierarchy,

    > Projects > 2013 > Customer A Customers > A > 2013

    So if I now want to just sync stuff from a given year, I create replicants based on the year out of my project folder.

    Essentially that means is that nobody prevents you from arranging your groups of things any way you want. I typically have different views on my data. I may have a time driven view, where I start by years. And I may have a Topic driven view. And a Customer driven view. When I then try to sync just “recent” stuff, I use the time hierarchy.

    Here’s another example that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise: I’ve all my filing structure, essentially all my assets, 20 years worth of scanned documents. So that has traditionally been something like /Invoices/2013, 2012, 2011…, then /Insurances/2013, 2012, 2011…, etc. When I wanted to file stuff, I just went into whatever topic I had. Now, I figured out that I’ll rename those a little bit and do e.g. /Invoices/Invoices 2013, /Invoices/Invoices 2012, etc. (I’ve to do that because DT forces each replicant to have the same name) and then create a second hierarchy which is like 2013, 2012, 2011 – and inside those I then have replicants of the topics, i.e. at the top of my group tree I’ve for example now 2013/Invoices 2013; 2013/Insurances 2013, etc. Up there, all wrapping folders are always “red”, i.e. replicants. If I don’t want to see a group at that prominent position, I just delete it. If I have to file something, rather than as previously having to drill down from Invoices, the Year, etc., etc. I can go right to the “current” spot as it is very likely that I’m filing stuff for the current year.

    And now comes syncing: Easy. Create a replicant of the 2013 folder in the sync folder. Done.

  9. eboehnisch says:

    @ Jim: Our sync plans involve allowing both syncing everything and syncing only metadata and downloading documents only when needed.

  10. Jim Mitchell says:

    I understand, I really do. And I am not in any way bashing the software. I really do love it. It is just that, until I can get the synchronization functionality I have in other products, it does not fit my needs. That is all.

  11. Jason says:

    I just don’t understand what’s taking so long. Sync doesn’t have to be complicated. It is a hard problem to solve, but it is now getting to be ridiculous. It’s one thing to say “DevonThink To Go 2 is coming soon” – but we need real information, aka “It is coming soon, sign up here for a beta when it is available”. So far we’ve gotten only radio silence. That’s not good customer service and you’re losing customers left and right because of it – not just because of lacking a feature on the checklist but by not treating your customers with the respect that they deserve, that they should have at least an inkling of what’s in store.

  12. eboehnisch says:

    @Jason: Synchronizing DEVONthink databases is a much larger problem than synchronizing to-do lists. We’re not talking kilobytes, we’re talking many gigabytes in a memory-restricted environment (iOS devices).

    And we have learned that if we tell too much and then, e.g., miss published release dates, say because we encounter technical difficulties, it’s even worse. That’s why Apple is usually silent and then comes up with a product when it’s ready for primetime.

  13. Ahmyo says:

    Thanks for the 2.7.3 update.

    a) The Quick Look features all work faster and feel cleaner.

    b) I’ve tried out the Yojimbo Import feature with Yojimbo 4.0.2 but no cigar so far. Just select any item in Yojimbo then choose Import Items from Yojimbo under the File menu in DTP?

  14. eboehnisch says:

    @Ahmyo: I’ve opened a support ticket for you.