You’re in NYC and know DEVONthink?

A couple of users are looking for someone in New York City, USA, to assist them with building a workflow based on DEVONthink. So if you are e.g. a consultant or experienced DEVONthink user please feel free to comment or contact me!

2 Responses to “You’re in NYC and know DEVONthink?”

  1. I’m in the New York area, and might be able to help your users. I’ve been working with DEVONthink for about a year now and know its ins and outs. I also wrote the DEVONthink Note workflow for Alfred 2, originally in Python/AppleScript and finally in Objective-C with Scripting Bridge, so I have a pretty good sense of how Dt can scripted for integration with other software. They can contact me at d at daniel dot sh if they’d like to get in touch.

  2. Brian Puccio says:

    Hey, I’m in the NYC area. I’m not a DT consultant but have been using the software for a few years. If the users drop me a line ( with what they’re looking to do, I’ll let them know if I can help out or if I’m in over my head.