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DEVONthink Pro for 25% off for SummerFest

Party at the beach

Summer. Vacation time. An afternoon in the shade of the trees. And the time just before the start of a new academic year. Whether you’re finishing your dissertation, preparing for the forthcoming lecture period, or planning the launch of the next product that will change the world, DEVONthink Pro and the rest of these great tools can be of great help. We’ve gotten together with some of the best makers of artisanal software that works together perfectly. Get the tools you...

We’ll be back soon

From Jun 8th through 22nd our headquarters will be closed for vacation. Customer support will, of course, be available but might be a tad slower than usual. Very technical questions that require an answer from our head developer or myself might get answered only when we are back and our Macs on June 23rd.

2North4South is done, video online


This year we’ve sponsored the initiative 2North4South by All Shapes and Sizes, in part organized by Fred Sarran. Last weekend they did their non-stop 24 hour walk from from Fraserburgh in Scotland to Aberdeen. Watch a video about their great project on

Tuesday Tip: A little more ‘helpful’ Help menu

Help Menu

One of the most overlooked menus in any application is the Help menu. Not only is it the best place to start looking for, well… help, but here’s a way to use it you might not have thought of. Say you use templates often but don’t want to keep navigating menus to find the ones you want. Yes, you could add a keyboard shortcut, but with a program as deep as DEVONthink, shortcuts often are in short supply or you’re forced to make...