Tuesday tip: Hotkey toggle

Some of you have expressed the desire for a hotkey to show or hide the DEVONthink Sorter. Instead of waiting for us to implement yet another hotkey, you can easily do it yourself.

  1. App ShortcutGo into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
  2. Press the Plus (+) button and select your edition of DEVONthink.
  3. Type Show Sorter and add your desired hotkey. I used Control-S.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 but type Quit Sorter in the second one. Assign the same hotkey.

Now you can start and stop the Sorter as your leisure. Note that you can use this to start and stop e.g. the Web Sharing server in DEVONthink Pro Office, too. Also, note that this method can be used in applications other than ours. You just need a menu item that toggles between two states.

10 Responses to “Tuesday tip: Hotkey toggle”

  1. Daehyun says:

    How can I set a hotkey “to move into database” and “move to external folder”? These functions are not on menu bar, just on right click pop-up bar.

  2. jneumann says:

    Sorry, but you can’t. This only works with menu items from the menubar at the top of your screen.

  3. Daehyun says:

    Thanks for comment. Is there any update plan about this issue?

  4. Kinsey says:

    Thanks Jim.

  5. jneumann says:

    Nothing at the moment.

  6. jneumann says:

    :^) You’re welcome, Kinsey.

  7. Gavin says:

    Thanks this is very useful.

    I would also like a shortcut as per Daehyun’s comment. Shame it can’t be done. On that note, several times by mistake I have hit the ‘move into database’ command instead of the “move to external folder” command. It leaves things in a bit of a mess, is there a simple way of undoing this command?


  8. jneumann says:

    If you accidentally do a “Move Into Database”, you can do a “Move To External Folder” to put it back.

  9. Daehyun says:

    I’m indexing user, and I did the same mistake before. You should move just one by one if the indexed files moved other folder in DEVONthink after it had been indexed.
    I want a script that do “move to external folder” automatically before I quit DEVONthink.

  10. jneumann says:

    “I want a script that do “move to external folder” automatically before I quit DEVONthink.” :: I think there could be unwanted consequences of such a script (and you can’t have it triggered on DEVONthink shutdown).