Great prices for great apps: WinterFest has arrived

WinterFest 2014There’s snow on the ground. 2015 is knocking at the door. It’s the time for new plans and fresh projects and great new ideas. Whether you’re planning your next novel, finishing your dissertation, planning a product, or writing memories for your grandkids, we think that DEVONthink Pro and the rest of these great tools will help.

We’ve gotten together with some of the best makers of artisanal software to make DEVONthink Pro better — and to make our tools work together even more smoothly. And now that we’ve all finished our latest updates, we’re working together to save you lots of money.

The new year will bring new ideas, new projects, and new challenges. Get the tools you need at a terrific price, for a very limited time.

Click here to buy DEVONthink Pro with 25% discount. Of course it is completely upgradeable to DEVONthink Pro Office and the Infoworker’s Pro Office bundle. For all the other great products use the coupon code WINTERFEST2014 in their respective shops to buy them with the exclusive discount!

To learn more about this promotion, the participating companies, and how we at DEVONtechnologies run promotions in general visit our official WinterFest 2014 page.

6 Responses to “Great prices for great apps: WinterFest has arrived”

  1. Don says:

    It seems the link is broken. I tried to buy DEVONthink Pro using WINTERFEST2014 promo code. I clicked “click here” but it shows the error message as follows:

    “Fields marked in red must be filled in correctly.
    To continue, please review the entered data.”

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @ Don: You’re right I misconfigured the shop (only a limited number of orders were allowed). It now works again as expected. Sorry for the hassles!

  3. jverlinden says:

    I encountered the same issue with the advertised promo code WINTERFEST2014. Please advise.

  4. ian says:

    so if i want to purchase pro office version, there is no discount for that, I have to purchase pro version with discount then purchase pro office upgrade? seems a little clunky…..?

  5. eboehnisch says:

    @ jverlinden: Maybe you tried to use the coupon code in our shop for something else than DEVONthink Pro? It only works for DEVONthink Pro, not e.g. Pro Office.

  6. eboehnisch says:

    @ ian: Yes, that is correct. This WinterFest promotion only includes DEVONthink Pro. We have other promotions that include all our products, e.g. often at Black Friday.