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DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.8.3

Today we have posted DEVONthink and DEVONnote 2.8.3 to our website and to the App Store. The improved classification algorithm in version 2.8.3 improves the accuracy of all AI-based functionality: See also, classify, concordance, automatic grouping, and summarizing. Working with documents can hardly be easier. DEVONthink 2.8.3 now allows you to select and copy text from Quick-Look-based views. This includes e.g. Microsoft Office or OpenOffice documents. OpenOffice documents also open no longer internally but in their default application when you’re double-clicking them. The update adds...

Devonian Times times two

Devonian fish in a pod

As you might know our company name comes from the Devonian Period. And so calling our blog Devonian Times was obvious. Just recently a reader pointed us to just another Devonian Times. It collects all kind of information about the Devonian Period. While unfortunately it wasn’t updated since 2006 but you might still find it an interesting read far away from all the technology we’re usually writing about here.  

Tuesday tip: Extract highlighted text from PDFs

Highlights App icon

If you are working at lot with PDF annotations the Mac application Highlights is for you. You can use it not only to manipulate annotations but also to extract annotations from documents and send them directly to DEVONthink Pro (Office). In addition it offers plenty of more export options including sharing annotations by email and saving them as Markdown. Highlights is available in the Mac App Store. Check it out or join the discussion about it in our user forum.

DEVONthink Pro Office in Mac Aficionados’ Top 15 list

On New Year’s Evening the French-Canadian Mac blog Mac Aficionados selected DEVONthink Pro Office as one of their top 15 Mac apps 2014. Check out what else is on the list that might be helpful for you. I personally recommend Bartender, a menu extra that moves all the other menu extras that you don’t need all the time out of your way.

Get the best tools for a productive 2015 for a great price


Welcome to an exciting new year 2015! Everyone is now back from hopefully relaxing Christmas holidays. Time for a fresh start. Just in case you need some great productivity software that assists you with your ambitious plans and you haven’t already taken advantage of our WinterFest offer: it’s still time. Get DEVONthink Pro and other great artisanal software for an unbeatable price until January 15th. To learn more about this promotion, the participating companies, and how we at DEVONtechnologies run promotions in general visit...

Tuesday tip: Shortcuts to XMenu’s Custom folder

XMenu’s user-defined menu allows you to build you very own menu extra menu. You just have to add your own documents, apps, or scripts to its Custom folder. In XMenu’s Preferences first check the User-Defined option to make the menu appear. Right-click this menu, which appears with a gear icon, to quickly show its folder. It is always named Custom. Add and remove files to or from this folder to customize the menu’s content to your needs. Sometimes, however, you may want to add or remove items even more quickly....