“I am a squirrel”

Power knowledge worker Daniel Wessel calls himself “a squirrel”. He uses DEVONthink Pro Office to collect and organize everything from web pages to analog post cards. On his excellent web site Organizing Creativity Dan talks also about how he uses our flagship application:

Organizing CreativityWhy not simply use an OS X folder structure for everything? Among others, DEVONthink allows better (hierarchical) tagging, I have environments (databases) which limit the search automatically, I like the ‘Three Panes’ preview view, the ability to easily create replicates, including replicates of folders and files into the mobile sync folder.”

Read Digital Information Infrastructure with DEVONthink, and the follow-up article, Some DEVONthink Considerations and Issues. And there’s a lot more when you list all articles tagged “DEVONthink”.

7 Responses to ““I am a squirrel””

  1. Jim says:

    Squirrels don’t sync so why should we?

  2. Mio says:

    Among other things, a great DevonThink blogger. Especially the way he utilizes Circus Ponies Notebook app with DTP app; very useful for anyone involved in research and writing.

  3. Dan says:


    I’m pretty sure if squirrels had a way to keep their most important nuts with them, they’d be on sync in a heartbeat.

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  5. Jason says:

    What’ s interesting is that if you read the article, he actually does use the mobile sync. But only for a portion of the database, and somehow it doesn’t seem to break for him! So apparently sync does work, but n to for me because I am a person not a squirrel.

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  7. Dan says:


    Not sure, but perhaps this posting ( http://www.organizingcreativity.com/2015/03/a-word-about-devonthinks-synching/ ) might be interesting for you. Even though you are human 😉 (Heck, so am I … I’m just digitally a squirrel)