Tuesday tip: Manually update a table of contents

Manually update TOCRecently we have posted a tip about how to quickly create a table of contents. However, sometimes it’s necessary to update a table of contents manually.

In the Table of Contents file, press Return after the last item in the list and a new item will be created. Then holding the ⌘ (Command) and ⌥ (Option) keys drag a document or group to that new line to insert a link to the dropped item. To allow seeing the table of contents as well as other documents, you’ll obviously need to use a view that allows it, e.g. View > View as Three Panes, or have another window open.

This short screen movie shows how this works: Update Table of Contents.

2 Responses to “Tuesday tip: Manually update a table of contents”

  1. Joel says:

    Is there any chance that this can be automated? I am always adding new notes to my notes group that I use for research. It would be superb to have a table of contents that automatically updated every time I add a new note to the group. Would this be complicated? Has it already been done?

  2. eboehnisch says:

    @ Joel: Unfortunately no. You can only automate this by deleting the TOC document and recreating is as described in the other tip.