Tuesday Tip: Use Dropbox to sync with friends

DropboxIf you are collaborating with others and using Dropbox as a DEVONthink sync location (never putting your database in a Dropbox or automatically cloud-synced folder), it is not possible to sync between Dropbox accounts. This means you need to have a shared account where everyone using the sync data will need to know the name and password to access it. This can create a problem because you would be giving everyone access to the whole account!

But as one of the astute users, Frederiko, pointed out on our forums…

What many people don’t realise is that you don’t have to use your primary Dropbox account as your DT Dropbox sync account.

  1. Create a new shared Dropbox account but ignore the download as you don’t want to link your computer to the shared account.
  2. Close the browser window that’s waiting for you to continue the setup, and reopen the Dropbox website. If you’re not logged in, do so now.
  3. Add a new Sync Location in DEVONthink’s sync preferences with the shared credentials. Dropbox will prompt you to allow this account to be accessed by DEVONthink.
  4. Now you’re ready to sync to the shared account!

Here is a link to the comment in the discussion: Re: Using two different Dropbox accounts.

PS: You can ignore the following emails about finishing the setup by installing the Dropbox application since you already have it installed.

12 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Use Dropbox to sync with friends”

  1. Steve says:

    I am finding the sync very difficult to use. The dialog asking for a decision about a detected contention does not give enough information to make a decision. Highly frustrating. Could you guys add more info to that screen and/or keep the resulting pages after the sync.

  2. Brian says:

    Sync is unsupported. All of the Devonthink sync options result in disaster. Please fix.

  3. jneumann says:

    “Sync is unsupported”. I am unsure what you mean. If you have issues with Sync, please open a Support Ticket. Thank you.

  4. La'akea Yoshida says:

    Once again, I am having trouble with sync—either dropbox or direct connection. DEVONthink has been my knowledge holder for a long time and I think it is the most powerful tool on the planet for data management. However, this is the upteenth time that my databases have become corrupted and the program is asking me the “Verify & Repair”. I am so tired of this. I cannot spend yet another day trying to figure out why my it is telling me that a file is missing that was not missing when I shut it down yesterday. I am going to have to move on to the less useful, yet sync stable, programs out there. I have been a loyal user of this outstanding program for years. But, I will sadly have to move on. I am studying for my PhD general exams and I cannot afford to lose this information or spend ANY MORE TIME trying to get it to sync with my laptop and desktop at work.

  5. jneumann says:

    This is not a Support channel. Please start a Support Ticket at http://helpdesk.devontechnologies.com . Thanks.

  6. La'akea Yoshida says:

    Don’t worry; I have started numerous support tickets over the years and know where to go for that. Support has always been very good to me. I am speaking to a recurrent issues that I have worked with support on for years with the same answer given, everytime. Same problem occurs

    I thought it fair to share that it is not as easy or seamless as it sounds to sync via either dropbox or direct connect with either your own computers, or to sync with colleagues and friends.

  7. jneumann says:

    Spontaneous corruption in a database is not a normal occurrence. We would prefer to help solve that issue.
    Also, while not perfect we have many Users who seamlessly use Sync in many situations every day.

  8. MacUser says:

    How about DevonThink supporting a paper, modern shared database access synchronization option? And while you’re at it, where is DevonThinkToGo 2? The combination of the two would make for such a solid product. It’s amazing in 2015 this does not exist. I’m trying hard to stay the course with DevonThink, but it’s getting increasingly difficult while the other apps and sites pass DevonThink by.

  9. MacUser says:

    *proper, not *paper.

  10. eboehnisch says:

    We’re a small company and we’re working hard on DEVONthink To Go 2 … and more. We’re sorry that it takes so long. I’ll post an update as soon as we feel safe that we can meet our own deadlines.

  11. Deeptide says:

    ++Disclaimer: I’m not compensated by, directly or indirectly, or vested in Devon Technologies or any its employees. My skin in the game is my sunk and switching cost, which is high. ++

    “it’s getting increasingly difficult while the other apps and sites pass DevonThink by.”

    I empathise with each and every person’s frustration on this subject: So what? Just to put the following in the proper context. I’m interested to know the app names. I have a first-hand with the retention ‘strategies’ of apps like Evernote which presented for me as repugnant and telecast a fatal mindset; Evernote morphs into a dysfunctional Alcatraz as you approach any scale. Paperless didn’t have the muscle as far as database structure, and lacks functionality. DevonThink is the crib for over 13 terabytes – and growing – of our operation. From day-one, we ‘viewed’ non local syncing as a design input vs a constraint because the offerings to get it done right – anywhere – are just not ‘mature’ enough at and around our size unless to look at contract systems for more $ – much more.

  12. […] DEVONthink’s synchronization capabilities are more diverse and flexible than Evernote’s but they are a bit less straightforward. DEVONthink doesn’t, as yet, offer any seamless synchronization, and does not offer its own cloud service a la Evernote. The major disadvantage is that it makes sharing or collaborating as I described doing with Evernote impossible, or at least nearly so nearly so. DEVONthink does provide a system for synchronizing databases directly between two macs, and this can be facilitated with a service like Dropbox, directly over your LAN, or via your own webDAV server. It is great if you have a home and work machine, or a desktop and laptop. It does not aid in collaboration. Collaborating with DEVONthink’s sync options can be done, and the folks at DEVONtech outline one way of collaborating with DEVONthink and Dropbox on the Devonian Times blog. […]