DEVONthink To Go 1.5.8 fixes RTF issues

DEVONthink To Go on iPadToday Apple released our DEVONthink To Go 1.5.8 update to the App Store. The maintenance update fixes issues with RTF and RTFD due to changes in iOS 8.3 as well as a few rare crashes. Update your copy from within the App Store app on your device or through iTunes.

12 Responses to “DEVONthink To Go 1.5.8 fixes RTF issues”

  1. Francois Leloup says:

    Hi Erich,

    Syncing between OS X 10.3 and IOS 8.3, with the latest issue of DTG and DPO is always a cumbersome and long process. I use your Apps since about 10 years, I like DPO but I do think syncing DTG is the wrong way. We should be able to get our files thru iCloud, like most of apps today, and taking advantage of Handoff.

    I have a NAS. Why is it not possible to query the NAS rather than synchronize OS X and IOS?

    I am now considering the possibility of migrating to a cloud based solution, like Evernote, synchronization between DTG and DPO being really a heavy and impractical solution.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


  2. I’ll STRONGLY second that!!!! Let’s not get lost in the 1990’s….. I love your software, but not being cloud “portable” is a HUGE HUGE problem for me and I’m sure many others.

  3. François Leloup says:

    I’m feeling less alone 🙂

  4. jneumann says:

    We are not “living in the past”. Current cloud technologies are not made for syncing a live database file like ours (and it’s not only our software that is affected by this).
    PS: We have many Users who do not wish to put their private data on public servers.

  5. François Leloup says:

    You said :
    “Current cloud technologies are not made for syncing a live database file like ours (and it’s not only our software that is affected by this).”

    But lots of software are doing it, including your main competitor Evernote.

    I really would like to have all my devices synchronized. If I can not freely access my data from my iPad, I’ll have to switch to another program. I mean access my data, not take them by synchronizing before. Unfortunately this is now the only solution that remains to me because I can not wait on forever the discretion of the developer.

  6. jneumann says:

    “But lots of software are doing it, including your main competitor Evernote.” Beside the fact that Evernote is running its own servers, the underlying technology is not the same (and this applies to more than Evernote).

  7. Marco says:

    Your clients (including me) are asking you, since a long time, for a cloud version of Devonthink To Go, and we are tired to hear that you are working hard to release this new completely redesigned app, but nothing happens.
    A new app should require weeks, not months or years. I’m not sure you are working so hard and I feat that what we have been asking to wait for so long will ever arrive.
    Give a deadline… each other promise is worth nothing!

  8. jneumann says:

    A new app should NOT take weeks unless (1) it is a simple app, like a flashlight (which DEVONthink TO Go is NOT), or (2) you have 500 programmers on staff (which we do NOT).
    We are working very diligently to make DEVONthink To Go 2 a far more capable, useful, and stable application.
    We also do NOT publish or hint at deadlines. Announcements will be made when appropriate. Thanks.

  9. Jeremiah says:

    We have been waiting for DTG 2.0 for years or months till I lost count. Not saying to intervene your development process but it seems to me it’s a work currently in solo. Regardless how many man-days, keep your development schedule short, or else DTG 2 will only be a unreleased software keeping up to OS change, not a released software gaining back trust. Be practical, we are not expecting you to have 500 programmers, but even for just a few developers in regular pace would have finished for the first release for 2.0.

  10. Francois Leloup says:

    I fully agree with you.
    It is unfortunate that DevonThink demonstrates such a great rigidity. Now, I no longer use DTP than for my archives and I use Apple Notes for the daily work.
    DevonThink Technologies is to lose any credits from users who have the painful feeling of be not heard. What a mess!

  11. Samuel says:

    Oh wow, so disappointed to read jneumann’s irritable responses to DTP users who have been waiting for a decent mobile app for YEARS, as I have also. Not a good way to go about keeping loyal customers. I’ve had the desktop app since around 2010 and love it, but thinking now of (reluctantly) moving to Evernote.

  12. Francois Leloup says:

    Hi Samuel,

    That’s what I did. I moved for Apple’s Notes , keeping DTP for archives only.

    Notes could be more powerful but is simple to use and fill well his role. Synchronization is perfect and allows access to your data as well on the web as iMac, iPad, or iPhone.

    Programs used to manage notes become more numerous and the competition becomes increasingly hard. Even NAS manufacturers offer such programs for free (Synology for instance).

    I am afraid that Devonthink Technologies has missed the turn and will lose many dissatisfied customers by their intransigence.