First new sync tutorial is online

Icon Sync TutorialAfter the first few maintenance updates to DEVONthink 2.9 and DEVONthink To Go 2 we’ve now begun to update our tutorials too. The first new tutorial introduces you to synchronizing via direct connections, step-by-step. Click here to visit it.

Next on our list is a similar tutorial for synchronizing to Dropbox or WebDAV as well as make the tutorials easier to watch on an iOS device. Please stay tuned.

13 Responses to “First new sync tutorial is online”

  1. David says:

    Hello. When I click on the “Click here to visit it” link above, I am taken to the general hints and tutorials page. I can’t find the new sync tutorial. Can you provide a direct link, please?

  2. eboehnisch says:

    On the Tutorials page just select the Sync tutorial. No magic here.

  3. darwin says:

    It’s not a video tutorial.

  4. eboehnisch says:

    @ darwin: That’s correct.

  5. Robert says:

    Just what I need, but I can’t read the bottom part of each screen. I don’t see any scroll bars and the box itself can’t be expanded. Suggestions?

  6. eboehnisch says:

    Could you please email us a screenshot to Thanks.

  7. John says:

    Thanks for starting to put together sync tutorials!

    I have a question… Have you huys heard about Readdle’s Scanner Pro 7? I spent a couple of hours comparing it and all competing apps like “Scanbot” and such, and Readdle’s was the best one by far. It de-skews distorted text (even from the creases in bound books), removes shadows, corrects white balance perfectly, is the fastest and most accurste at doing document edge detection, can create multipage documents, has a great GUI etc.

    With that app, I can snap a photo of a document and it will automatically OCR it into a perfect PDF that’s as good as what I was getting from my ScanSnap and DevonThink on the Mac. The final PDF picture quality and filesize are as good as the ScanSnap, and the OCR is perfectly aligned with the scanned image. I am blown away.

    Here’s the brink of a new revolution, guys!!! With Scanner Pro and the brilliant new DEVONthink to Go 2, I have my office document scanner and filing cabinet with me wherever I go. It fills in the scanning void in DttG2. I can just snap anything on the go, annotate it and file it in DttG2, and never have to touch a hardware scanner again for the rest of my life.

    There’s one thing, though… Currently, I have to tap Scanner Pro’s “share,” then “more,” and then “clip to devonthink” to copy the PDF between the apps.

    They’re open to integrating apps of your caliber as direct options (without going through the clunky multi-step share panel). They’ve already done that for several other apps. Official integration means a single click to share, as well as the ability to create custom workflows that include your app (i.e “scan, email, send to devonthink, and delete the original afterwards”.

    Would you be willing to work with Readdle to integrate yourself? They’re very nice and reasonable people, and they’re in Ukraine so they are in your timezone. Seriously, DEVONthink to Go is taken to the next level when paired with their scanner, and you make their scanner a million times more useful. It is a match made in heaven.

  8. jneumann says:

    Glad to hear you have things working well. While we can’t speak out of turn on internal plans, we have a list of future enhancements and are glad to hear constructive ideas like this. (A small note: This would be a great Forum topic, versus a blog comment. That way other Users on our Forums would see it too!) Cheers!

  9. John says:

    I am making it a forum thread then! In the DTTG suggestions forum. 🙂

  10. Philip says:


    any idea when the WebDAV will be posted? This is actually what I would be interested in…. 😉



  11. @ Philip: As soon as we can spare a few minutes away from coding.

  12. @ John: BTW, we have just received notice from Readdle that they’ve fixed the ‘black bar’ issue with the Scanner Pro app and Clip to DEVONthink.