New tutorial: Syncing via Dropbox and WebDAV

Sync via Sync Store title pictureIf you want to synchronize your DEVONthink databases flexibly and securely via an internet-based service such as Dropbox, Box, CloudMe, or just any WebDAV server, we’ve just added a new tutorial for you.

The tutorial explains step-by-step what ‘sync stores’ are and how to set up your sync locations on your Macs and iOS devices. And if you’re prefer to sync directly via the local network, we already published a tutorial a few weeks ago. Click here to browse all tutorials.

17 Responses to “New tutorial: Syncing via Dropbox and WebDAV”

  1. Greg M says:

    Hello DEVONThink,

    I recently purchased DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink To Go and I’m really liking the functionality of both!

    I’m planning how to set up syncing so I’ll be watching this video later on, but quickly, is there a way to sync the iOS and macOS apps using OneDrive?

    I have 1 TB of space on OneDrive and would prefer using that over purchasing more from another cloud vendor.


    Greg Masone

  2. Jim Neumann says:

    Glad to hear you’re liking our work!
    Sorry, but no. OneDrive is not directly supported and they do not offer WebDAV services. If they supported WebDAV, it would be possible to use with both DEVONthink and DEVONthink To Go 2.

  3. Ted Hogan says:


    Are there any plans to support iCloud or OneDrive syncing? I too find having to purchase a separate service as a blocker.


  4. Jim Neumann says:

    iCloud is not technically feasible at this time. We will offer it when these problems can be overcome. OneDrive MAY be supported in the future, but we cannot hope to support all the services people want to use. This is why we have adopted WebDAV as a secondary standard.

  5. Mark says:

    Am I stupid? Where is the tutorial? Why is there no link here? It does not make sense to make your readers browse through tutorials if you are announcing a specific one in this post…

  6. @ Mark: Just click through to the tutorials and check it out there. Tutorials don’t have a deep link on our website we’re afraid.

  7. Frank says:

    I find synchronisation very frustrating. Firstly the limitation of using such a limited number of choices is not good. I have DropBox but I have far more storage already with iCloud and OneDrive and would prefer to use those otherwise, as my database gets larger, I will have to purchase more storage on DropBox.

    Also, the sync is annoying. I add the data on my MacBook, give it some time to sync but even after sometime, the document I added does not appear on any other device. It may appear at some other time in the future but not straight away.
    This is not a good way to work as I constantly fear that the data I add from my MacBook whilst away will not end up on my desktop computer.
    Other software companies are able to get iCloud or OneDrive sync to work so what is the problem here?

  8. Jim Neumann says:

    Other companies are doing something technologically different than we are. Also, we cannot hope to support all the cloud services people want us to.
    PS: We are not the only developers who have issues with iCloud Drive for syncing.

  9. Fenna says:

    Totally agree with the comments above: sync is very frustrating. Every time DT does a major update, sync stops working and I spend a good deal of time figuring out what’s the cause this time. iCloud storage should def be a priority too!! I’m seriously considering just transferring all my files to the Mendeley file manager…

  10. Stefan says:

    As a Microsoft Office 365 user synchronization via OneDrive is a major feature even on a Mac. The missing OneDriveIntegration is the reason why I’m probably not migrating DEVONthink unless this issue is solved.

  11. As Microsoft chose to explicitly NOT support the open WebDAV standard for OneDrive we’ll have to reinvent the wheel (again) for OneDrive (and the again-again for Google Drive). It’s on our list but we have to manage priorities.

  12. Klaus Diemer says:

    One thing is for sure – DevonThink Pro Office is one of the best applications worldwide. And the sync is one of the worst. I tried many times to sync my documents between MAC und iPad. It is bizzare: All documents are visible as thumbnails on my iPad but they cannot be opened. When I click at the document happens …. nothing! I downloaded them manually 20 times and more… no effect. That is not a glorious chapter in the history of software development.

  13. Jim Neumann says:

    You are describing abnormal behavior. Please start a Support Ticket at Thank you.

  14. Rock says:

    The instructions on the tutorial do not seem to be accurate. There are screen images that do not actually appear as I attempt to set up sync with dropbox.

    I am now getting an invalid encryption key error message. Should I just go back to the simplicity of Evernote?

  15. Jim Neumann says:

    As noted below, this is not an appropriate place for Support. In order to best serve you and have a record of this issue, please start a Support Ticket at Thank you.

  16. Rock says:

    Wow, you people are just snarky: “As noted below”


  17. @ Rock: Please understand that, like pointed out by Jim, blog comments are comments and, embedded with other comments, a mediocre way for delivering support. That’s why we asked you to open a support ticket instead, personally and in a byline below the comment entry field.

    We’ll be happy to answer all your sync questions in a personal thread in our support ticket system.