Archive from Pocket and Feedbin to DEVONthink

Forum user gnbio has created a cool workflow for archiving Pocket and Feedbin articles in DEVONthink Pro and DEVONthink To Go:

Pocket app iconI had been looking for a way to accurately convert articles read in Pocket & Feedbin/RSS to PDF and archive for future reference. This has been particularly useful for how-to articles, longform content and legal knowhow (for my day job).

The beauty of this automated method is that I have an instantly searchable archive of content available on iOS and macOS (and any other locations I choose to sync to) from a few simple inputs (starring an RSS item, or tagging a Pocket article).

Unfortunately gnbio’s blog is no longer available.

11 Responses to “Archive from Pocket and Feedbin to DEVONthink”

  1. Steve Walton says:

    I find this almost incomprehensible (and I’m not dim with computers). Is there an easier way to save files from Pocket to Devon Think? I’m using the Pro Office version.

  2. Randy Stokes says:

    I agree with Steve. I was hoping there would be a step-by-step process to follow. I’ve used IFTTT, Workflow, and a number of other workflow-producing type recipes, but this wasn’t really helpful. Any further help or suggestions?

  3. gnbio says:

    I’ve slightly updated my original post to make things a little clearer (hopefully).

    @Steve, the only way to directly save something from Pocket to DTP is to “Share” to DTP when reading on the computer DTP is installed on. I’m very rarely on my main home laptop with DTP installed when I’m reading articles, and so wanted a workflow which allowed me to save articles from *anywhere*.

    @Randy Using Zapier’s multi-step workflows, I can use Pocket’s tagging and Feedbin’s starring features (and any other input I come across) to trigger a link’s conversion to PDF and saving to Dropbox. I’ll pull together some screenshots of my Zapier workflow if that would be helpful.

  4. Randy Stokes says:

    That would be great. I’m always looking to improve my workflows and appreciate suggestions, ideas, and guidance from folks willing to share!

  5. Steve Walton says:

    Thanks gnbio; that’s very helpful!

  6. Steve Walton says:

    I cannot see how to share to DTP, gnbio. I’ve got DTP open on my laptop and am using Pocket on the web. The ‘share’ icon for an article in pocket does not have an option to share to DTP. Am I missing something, please?

  7. Steve Walton says:

    Aha! I’ve found a solution on my Mac. If I run the Pocket for Mac app, I can set up the share function to share to DTP.

  8. Randy Stokes says:

    @gnbio Really looking forward to screen caps and other guidance, especially on Zapier. I’m new to that app/website, and I find it more difficult — though probably more powerful — than IFTTT, Workflow, etc.

  9. […] a follow-up to my last post on my automations for DevonThinkPro and some feedback on DevonThink’s blog post covering my workflow, below is a more detailed tutorial for how I archive PDFs of web content I want to preserve. To […]

  10. gnbio says:

    @Randy, see my tutorial here:
    My first time attempting to create a tutorial using screenshots, so forgive any quirks, and feel free to leave me a comment there if any questions.

    @Steve, yes you’ll need the Pocket app. It was because there was no uniform way of sharing into DTP from Pocket and RSS that I created the above, but it’s definitely overkill if you do all your reading on the device you have DTP installed on.

  11. Randy Stokes says:

    @gnbio Just followed your tutorial and it worked great. I don’t use Slack or Pinboard, so I skipped those steps, but was able to do everything else to get a webpage converted to pdf, uploaded to Dropbox and added to DTPO. Thanks very much. This will be very useful!