DEVONthink 2.9.8: Revised Media preferences and more

Media preferences panelMarkdown is a brilliant way to unobstrusively add basic formatting to plain text files so that the result is readable to both humans and machines. DEVONthink 2.9.8 revamps its Media preferences and adds a new option that lets you choose how you want to open Markdown files, in “pure” editing mode or as graphically pleasing HTML.

In addition, version 2.9.8 improves auto-saving further, makes scanning multiple pages more comfortable, and — you guessed it — fixes more issues with macOS Sierra’s changes in PDFKit. That’s the part of the system that is responsible for displaying PDF files. If you’re a tagger you’ll like that you now drag tags or words from the concordance into the Tags bar or Info panel to add new tags to documents or groups.

We recommend these free updates to all users. Get the new Mac versions directly by using the apps’ update function or our Download page.

4 Responses to “DEVONthink 2.9.8: Revised Media preferences and more”

  1. Neal Beets says:

    Just a thank you … for the continual improvements to DEVONthink! Makes me continually happy that I invested in all your software.

    Not only do I enjoy the continual improvements, I also enjoy the articles you send out (like those from Stuart Ingram) and the websites (like “Skulking in Holes and Corners” and “Organizing Creativity”) that help us get even more value out of your wonderful software.

    Many thanks. Much appreciated. You are the best.

    Neal Beets
    Happy user for three or more years now

  2. Karl Nyhus says:

    Thank you for the new version of DEVONthink that allows display of Markdown documents in formatted view by default!

  3. John says:

    If only zoom was savable for Markdown.

    It works for RTF, it works for plain text, but not for Markdown. Neither in formatted nor in edit mode.

    So we get just tiny Markdown text. Even tinier than already the tiny and monochrome Markdown icon bar.

  4. Jim Neumann says:

    @Neal: Thank you for your kind words and support!
    @Karl: You’re welcome. With Markdown becoming more prevalent, it made sense to make the change now.
    @John: What “tiny and monochrome Markdown icon bar” ?