Stuart Ingram on Mac Power Users (and more)

Mac Power Users PodcastDavid Sparks and Katie Floyd invited Stuart Ingram to their popular Mac Power Users podcast and discuss his approach to DEVONthink. You know Stuart from his excellent series A User’s Journey into DEVONthink here in this blog. Stuart adresses David’s concerns about ‘everything buckets’ and lays out how he uses DEVONthink Pro Office and why. It’s just 80 minutes and you won’t want to miss it.

Click here to listen to Mac Power Users episode 356 yourself.

In addition here are two other articles about DEVONthink To Go 2 that have been published over the Christmas break: Christian Jorion takes a close look at our iOS app (in French) and Kerry Dawson sees it as viable alternative to other products available.

2 Responses to “Stuart Ingram on Mac Power Users (and more)”

  1. Stuart says:

    Thanks again Eric for the introduction, and Katie and David for inviting me to do the podcast, I really enjoyed this and it helped me crystallise further what I use DTPO for, and how I can make it work for me.

  2. Dan L. says:

    Loved your series on DT and am in the process of listening to this podcast now.

    One thing that stands out for me is DT’s at-first complexity. It can be intimidating. Sure, there are manuals, books, videos, support sites but this is often smother by too much information WITHOUT context. You’ve provided personal context, which is helpful.

    Context is needed to cut through all the features and functions. These are not bad to have, but they are a lot to process. Do I need them all? What do they do anyway? What are the differences? And so on.

    I am still learning. DT is so powerful and one can bend it to one’s will in numerous ways. For one, I like using simple labels and flags (sometimes tags) to visually tell me where I am with a document or a project. One got dig so deep that all we do is process and organize our data that we’re not really using it.

    Keep up the good work and best of luck to you. And same to the DT team, especially Eric and Jim. With DTTG — and it keeps improving — my bet is that, even with its power and complexity, people will forgo Evernote and others because DT is a true workflow that is all inclusive or it plays well with others (like Ulysses or Scrivener). Yeah, its rich text and markup and PDF annotation needs improvement, but it’s getting there.