For German readers: Mac Life 6/2017 and Steffi’s Cloud


If you’re from Germany and prefer the old-school paper magazines you might want to have a look at this month’s issue of Mac Life (6/2017). One of the last two remaining paper Mac magazines looks at a number of document management applications, among them, of course, DEVONthink Pro Office:

Mac Life logoDevonthink Pro Office überzeugt durch den sehr guten Leistungsumfang und die Möglichkeiten zur wechselweisen Dokumentenbearbeitung auf stationären Macs, dem iPhone und dem iPad.”

And you also might like Steffi’s Cloud. Stefanie regularly publishes new articles in simple, straightforward language about the paperless office, automation, and our software. She doesn’t concentrate on featuring or describing products but focuses on usable tips and code for automating daily tasks.

5 Responses to “For German readers: Mac Life 6/2017 and Steffi’s Cloud”

  1. Stefanie says:

    Hello DevonThink-Team,

    it’s Stefanie from Steffi’s Cloud. I was really surprised to see my name and website on your newsletter today.

    To you and all your customers and readers I like to say a big Thank you!

    If you need help and support with your own cloud and / or software just let me know and I will do my best to help you. You know now how to contact me 🙂

    Thank and have all a good day!

  2. Rouven says:

    Hello, I find this in Mac Life 06/2017 😉

  3. @ Rouven: You’re right, of course. Corrected.

  4. darwin says:

    Not in the title 😉

  5. @ darwin: That’s when you do it on a weekend from an iPhone 😊 Now the title’s correct too.