Tuesday Tip: Deleting from search results

When using DEVONthink’s search features, the results are handled a bit differently than browsing the database. The results are insulated from accidental deletion by default. So what if you want to delete something from the search results? Here are three options…

  1. Right-click the file and choose Move All Instances to Trash from the context menu.
  2. With the file selected, hold the ​Option key ​and choose Data > Move All Instances to Trash.
  3. ​​With the file selected, press Command-Option-Delete.

You should see the Location under the record’s name now shows Trash.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Tip: Deleting from search results”

  1. hayssam says:

    Why do you think these have to be “insulated” ? I think the standard delete would do just fine and the right-click behaviour is a little annoying

  2. mog says:

    On the search window toolbar, I have added ‘delete’. Selecting the item and then clicking delete converts the location of the item to trash.

  3. @ mog: Which sounds just fine.